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XMiles Torq

Who are TORQ?

TORQ was established as a Fitness Consultancy in 1999 and whilst better known for their cutting-edge Performance Nutrition products, they continue to be a hugely respected resource for their education and coaching. TORQ have coached and advised athletes at World Class level as well as helping novices complete their first endurance event. It is this unique ability to fully understand human physiology that makes TORQ so special.


TORQ's research-driven products are developed with a no-compromise approach, utilising the latest peer-reviewed research and as a consequence, their products offer an unrivalled level of performance.

TORQ also holds a very unique position in the Performance Nutrition market with all of their bars, chews and flapjacks being certified organic and many of the ingredients being fairly traded. Practically every product they produce is 100% plant-based and suitable for vegans too. 

And then there are the flavours! Science and function aside,TORQ are renowned for producing incredibly innovative and delicious flavour profiles. Their energy gel flavours include Rhubarb & Custard, Raspberry Ripple, Apple Crumble, Black Cherry Yoghurt, Lemon Drizzle and Cherry Bakewell amongst others. TORQ even produce a gel (Caramel Latte) made with real coffee from freshly roasted beans.

The icing on the cake for TORQ is that they have funnelled all of this innovation into 2 Performance Systems, called the ‘TORQ Fuelling System’ and ‘TORQ Recovery System’ highlighting their expertise in understanding the needs of athletes.

The TORQ Fuelling System they describe as ‘Fuelling Simplicity’ and uses the slogan ‘As Easy as 123’ because it really is:

XMiles Torq Graph Gel Energy Bar

Each of TORQ's fuelling products contain 30 grams of multiple-transportable carbohydrate, irrespective of which one is taken. To achieve the highest level of performance, research has proven that consuming 90 grams of carbohydrate per hour is optimal – and this equates to 3 TORQ Units.

TORQ make it clear that both 1 and 2 TORQ Units per hour also provide performance benefits, so anyone can benefit from the TORQ Fuelling System, but what’s important is that it gives users clear fuelling and hydration guidelines, something other brands have always struggled to achieve.

The TORQ Fuelling System also automatically takes the balance of fuelling and hydration into account by recommending that TORQ units be drunk when perspiration rates are high or eaten when perspiration rates are lower. They really have thought of everything.

Torq Gel XMiles

The TORQ Recovery System considers 4 phases of recovery and makes it clear that the first phase is ensuring that you diligently follow the TORQ Fuelling System. Their argument is that fuelling properly during exercise protects the human physiology meaning that specific recovery products then have less work to do.

Torq Recovery System XMiles

Phase 2 involves consuming TORQ Recovery Drink, which provides essential nutrients to augment the repair, refuel, recharge and rehydrate processes. TORQ make it clear that for optimal recovery in the fastest time, their Recovery drink should be consumed within 15 minutes of exercise completion.

Phase 3 looks at the general diet and provides advice on the kinds of foods someone should be eating to facilitate the recovery process.

Finally, Phase 4, the icing on the cake for the Recovery System, is the use of TORQ's Recovery Plus Product where necessary.

Torq Recovery System XMiles

The TORQ Recovery System is best explained in the following videos: Cycling & Running.

The TORQ Explore range was conceived off the back of their success with their performance nutrition products. 

For anyone who is physically active, either in their leisure time or as part of their day-to-day job, TORQ have taken a popular snack and taken it to a whole new level. Their Explore flapjacks are packed with energy, balanced and nutritious with protein and fibre, but are not full of fat to make up the calories.

As with their award-winning energy gels, the flavour profiles are to be tasted to be believed, including Organic Apple Strudel, Organic Carrot Cake, Organic Ginger Cake, Organic Banana Cake and Organic Bakewell Slice.

With a homely softness and texture that gives the impression that they were baked this morning, Explore flapjacks allow TORQ to be consumed at any time of the day.

Torq Explore Flapjack

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