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Why should you use COROS?

Why should you use COROS?

After launching their first watch in 2018, COROS has been a massive success in the sports community and slowly taking over as the best GPS Sports Watch company for runners, cyclists and all athletes combined. 

COROS have merged innovative technology with high-grade hardware to create the perfect GPS Fitness Watch for endurance athletes. Their watches offer the best features of a GPS Sports Watch mixed into a regular Smart Watch. Creating the ultimate, must-have sports watch for any endurance athlete out there.


COROS offer many high-end features across their watches, differing for which watch you have. Listed below are some of our personal favourite features for ALL COROS Watches we get everyday use from:


EvoLab is a brilliant app, packed into all COROS watches. Put simple, EvoLab is your very own FREE personal fitness evaluation on your wrist, and in your pocket.

It monitors your Training Load, Training Effect (Scoring your Aerobic and Anaerobic Training), Base Fitness, Load Impact & Fatigue.

EvoLab also evaluates your current ‘Race Readiness’ showing your predicted times for a 5K, 10K, Half Marathon and Marathon. It can also identify whether your most recent workout improved your overall fitness or not and categorizes your workouts to indicate what part of your training is being prioritized.

If you are currently preparing for a marathon and want to know your current marathon level, the EvoLab shows you an overall score for your marathon and how close you are to full fitness before race week.

COROS EvoLab Features

You can view your EvoLab either on your watch or on your mobile app, and will work on all COROS watches. 


You can track how much sleep you are getting, and what kind of sleep you are having with all COROS watches too.

COROS Sleep Monitoring

This is a very useful feature for athletes looking to monitor how much deep or light sleep they are getting. You can also view your average heart rate and heart rate range during sleep.


The battery life of a COROS watch is simply outstanding, with each release the battery gets better and better. Listed below is how long a COROS watch will last on daily use:

Pace 2 – 20 Days

Apex 42mm – 24 Days

Apex 46mm – 30 Days

Apex Pro – 30 Day

Vertix – 45 Day

Vertix 2 – 60 Days

The battery life of COROS beats any GPS Sports Watch on the market today, and with their batteries improving year in, year out, it’s no wonder they are taking the world by storm.


Topographic Mapping on the COROS arrived late 2021, and it is a brilliant feature for any adventurer out there.

COROS Topographic Maps

Allowing athletes to follow a route, which will overlay their route within the map layers. Only available for the Vertix & Apex Pro.

If you would like to download Topographic maps onto your COROS watch simply, visit and download the required region. Once you have installed your files, plug your watch into your computer and transfer the files onto your COROS watch.


With five different watches to choose from at XMiles, picking the right one may be a tough decision. We have listed the key features for each watch below, making it easier to pick that perfect running partner for all your future sessions.

COROS Watches 


VERTIX 2 GPS Adventure Watch

APEX Pro Premium Multisport GPS Watch

APEX 46mm Premium Multisport GPS Watch

APEX 42mm Premium Multisport GPS Watch

COROS PACE 2 Premium GPS Sport Watch







Water Resistance

100 Metres / 328 Feet

100 Metres / 328 Feet

100 Metres / 328 Feet

100 Metres / 328 Feet

50 Metres / 164 Feet

Charging Time

> 2 Hours

> 2 Hours

> 2 Hours

> 2 Hours

> 2 Hours

Daily Use

60 Days

30 Days

30 Days

24 Days

20 Days


Swimming Heart Rate

Sleep Monitoring

Phone Notifications

3rd Party Integration (Strava, TrainingPeaks, etc)

Structured Workouts & Training Programs

Breadcrumb Navigation


Touch Screen Mode




Topo Map Layer















COROS watches have loads of brilliant features, but they have up to 29 different supported workout modes, from running to windsurfing.

Take a look at them below:

Supported Workout Modes

VERTIX 2 GPS Adventure Watch

APEX Pro Premium Multisport GPS Watch

APEX 46mm Premium Multisport GPS Watch

APEX 42mm Premium Multisport GPS Watch

COROS PACE 2 Premium GPS Sport Watch


Indoor Run

Track Run


Indoor Bike

Open Water

Pool Swim



GPS Cardio

Gym Cardio


Indoor Rower


Training (Structured Programs)

Training Plan



Trail Run


Mountain Climb



XC Ski

Ski Touring




Multi-Pitch Climb


COROS are the leaders when it comes to accessories for their GPS Sports Watches. From Keychain Chargers to the COROS POD. They have every tool that any athlete will need.


The COROS Performance Optimization Device (POD) provides all the advanced running analytics you need. Focusing on your overall form and tips on improvement the COROS POD analyses your:

  • Stride Ratio – Looking for the right stride ratio to make sure you aren’t jumping up and down? An ideal Stride Ratio ensures that you are using your body's energy to propel yourself forward as efficiently as possible.

  • L/R Balance – Knowing whether you tend to run more on your left or right is an important statistic for all athletes. This can help identify potential injuries before they occur or useful in correcting your form.

  • Form Power – This is the amount of power wasted due to inefficiencies in your running, and by measuring this you can see where there is room for improvement in you form.

  • Stride Height – This measures how high your body lifts off the ground during your strides as you want to make sure more energy is used pushing forwards instead of upwards. If this measurement is too low or high, then that can indicate opportunities of improvement.

  • Ground Time – The more time your feet are on the ground, the less time you are moving. Finding the perfect ground time insists on spending enough time on the ground to power up for the next stride.

  • Stride Length – Want to know how long each stride is, to see whether there’s even more room for improvement? A stride too long or too short shows that there is work to be done.

  • Cadence – This is the total number of steps per minute, and athletes who are looking to improve their cadence will certainly want to be tracking it with the COROS POD.

It is easy to use. Just shake to activate your device, then connect to your watch or COROS app and clip on to your waist or in the centre of your back. 


Because the battery length is so good with COROS watches, and you aren’t needing to charge it every night it is more likely to lose your charger. The COROS Keychain Charger prevents this from happening, by keeping you always equipped.

COROS Keychain Charger

Compatible with all COROS watches, this charger fits snugly on your keychain and allows for ease of use when you need it most.


There are a variety of watch straps you can purchase to jazz up your wrist. COROS offer nylon and silicone wristbands, with different colours across all watches.

COROS Watch Strap


Look below through our COROS product reviews from customers:

Denney left a ☆☆☆☆☆ star review on the COROS PACE 2 - Got this as a present for my wife and she absolutely loves it. The heart rate training plan was perfect for her and the battery life is great. The white lightweight watch strap is great but collect dirt easily, not a major issue, but time for a new strap now I think.

Michael left a ☆☆☆☆☆ star review on the COROS PACE 2 - First time using COROS and won’t be the last. I was blown away with the features and accuracy of this model even so considering how cheap it is, feels like nothing is on your wrist when running and is ridiculously comfortable, paired with the COROS app the data you get back is amazing, would recommend to anyone getting into GPS watches.

Ben left a ☆☆☆☆☆ star review on the KEYCHAIN CHARGER - Such a brilliant idea, never run out of charge on the go. Quality bit of kit, and fits perfectly on your keys.

Martin left a ☆☆☆☆☆ star review on the COROS APEX PRO - The first thing I noticed was how light it was compared to my previous watch. I thought the lack of touch buttons would make it difficult to navigate but I quickly caught on and can now get to the functions I need pretty quickly after a little customisation. Two weeks later the battery life is amazing (still at 30%) and I hadn't realised how much of a slave I'd become to cables and power sources. There's a good selection of workouts and the data collected seems accurate. It has been bought mostly for 80/20 running workouts. The workout construction is very flexible within the phone app and it fully meets my needs. I would like to be able to set non-contiguous 80/20 heart rate zones to make this process a little easier but heart rate ranges can be set on a workout basis, regardless of the zones set in the profile.

Michael left a ☆☆☆☆☆ star review on the COROS SILICONE BAND - Don’t let the price put you off the quality and feel of this strap is second to none

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