We push. We go. We run. Every step is progress

No matter how hard. Or slow. Or tiring. Through it all, Balega socks keep us moving.

The only thing we chase is perfection

Balega running socks deliver unmatched excellence in their fit, feel and performance. Our commitment to quality and durability is built on years of research and is present in every thread, every seam, every detail.

Enduro Running Socks

Moulded to the contours of your foot

Not too thin, not too thick - Balega’s Enduro running socks are the perfect mid-weight, medium cushion sock. Our V-Tech Arch Support System keeps your sock in place all day long.

Ultralight Running Socks

Protection you can’t even feel on your foot 

Balega's Ultralight thin running socks deliver a compression sock fit along with necessary protection and a cushion sock feel in the heel and toe.

Blister Resist Running Socks

Technology enhancing Natures benefits

To create the best temperature regulating and anti-blister running socks, we combined nature’s miracle mohair fiber with Drynamix ® moisture wicking fiber to give you the ultimate protection against blisters.

Why looking after you feet is so important? check out our blog posts 

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