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Informed Sport Certified

Informed Sport is a global testing and supplement certification programme which provides assurance to athletes that products carrying the Informed Sport mark have been tested for prohibited substances and manufactured to high-quality standards.


What is Informed Sport Certified?


Informed Sport was developed in 2008 for the elite sports nutrition industry in conjunction with UK Anti-Doping (UKAD). It is the only global third-party testing and certification programme that tests every single batch of a product prior to it being released to market. This programme ensures supplements are examined for substances banned by sporting bodies such as the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), collegiate organisations and other professional teams. When an elite athlete sees the Informed Sport logo or on-pack descriptor on a product, they can trust each batch of the product has been robustly tested.


The key difference between Informed Choice and Informed Sport is the frequency of testing done. Informed Sport certification means every batch/lot of a product is tested before it’s released to market. This means every flavour or variation of a product is tested. Post-certification also includes further assurance through regular blind testing, where the products are purchased from retail and tested again. Athletes can visit and confirm a batch of a certified product has been tested.

Informed Choice testing is done through monthly blind sampling. This means the LGC laboratory team purchases the product from retail outlets such as brick and mortar stores or websites where it is sold and it is then tested. At least one lot/batch of the product is tested every month, but not all like with Informed Sport. The lots of certified products that have been tested are listed on

Informed Sport Certified: Brands

  • Maurten Gels Box of 12 / GEL 100 GEL 100 XMiles
    Maurten Gels GEL 100 XMiles

    GEL 100

    From £2.70 - £32.40 GBP

    GEL 100 by Maurten is utilized by athletes globally for fuel during their workouts. Each gel features a custom combination of fructose and glucose...

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  • Maurten Gels Single Serve / GEL 100 CAF 100 GEL 100 CAF 100 (40g) XMiles
    Maurten Gels Gel 100 CAF 100 Gel 100 CAF 100 XMiles

    GEL 100 CAF 100

    From £3.25 - £38.95 GBP

    GEL 100 CAF 100 from Maurten is the perfect endurance supplement. Get 100mg of caffeine plus a balanced 0.8:1 ratio of fructose and glucose for fa...

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  • Maurten Energy Drink Box of 14 / Drink Mix 320 Drink Mix 320 XMiles
    Maurten Energy Drink Drink Mix 320 XMiles

    Drink Mix 320

    From £3.10 - £43.95 GBP

    For long-lasting energy during workouts, Drink Mix 320 is a must-have. This nutrient-rich sports drink contains 80g of carbs per serving and utili...

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  • Precision Hydration Gels Single Serve PF 30 Gel XMiles
    Precision Hydration Gels Single Serve PF 30 Gel XMiles
    Precision Fuel & Hydration

    PF 30 Gel

    From £2.25 - £29.99 GBP

    Engineered with the athlete in mind, this gel provides a quick and efficient way to replenish your energy levels with 30g of carbohydrates. Whethe...

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  • Maurten Energy Drink Single Serve / Drink Mix 160 Drink Mix 160 (40g) XMiles
    Maurten Energy Drink Drink Mix 160

    Drink Mix 160

    From £2.70 - £37.95 GBP

    Experience the ultimate game-changer in sports hydration with Drink Mix 160. Powered by Hydrogel technology, this revolutionary drink mix transfor...

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  • Veloforte Gels Primo Veloforte Natural Energy Gels 33g XMiles
    Veloforte Gels Natural Energy Gels XMiles

    Natural Energy Gels

    From £2.20 - £47.55 GBP

    Introducing Veloforte Natural Energy Gels, a revolutionary range of performance-enhancing gels that combine the power of real fruit with the pures...

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  • Maurten Trial Pack Gel Pack Maurten Gel Pack XMiles

    Maurten Gel Pack


    Introducing the Maurten Gel Pack, created by XMiles, to introducing to Maurten's range of energy gels. This assortment of Maurten products offers ...

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  • Maurten Trial Pack Original Maurten Trial Pack XMiles
    Maurten Trial Pack Pack of 10 / CAF 100 Maurten Trial Pack XMiles

    Maurten Trial Pack

    From £28.92 - £31.32 GBP

    Maurten Trial Pack has been created by us to introduce you to Maurten's range of standard nutrition. This includes Maurten's Energy Gels & Dri...

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  • SiS Gels Orange Beta Fuel Gel XMiles
    SiS Gels Beta Fuel Gel XMiles
    Sold out

    Beta Fuel Gel

    From £2.20 - £62.70 GBP

    Introducing the Beta Fuel Dual Source Energy Gel, a groundbreaking addition to our world-leading fuelling solution range. Engineered with a revolu...

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  • Kendal Mint Co. Gels Citrus & Mint KMC Energy Gel 70g XMiles
    Kendal Mint Co. Gels KMC Energy Gel 70g XMiles
    Kendal Mint Co.

    Energy Gel

    From £1.65 - £36.85 GBP

    Introducing KMC Energy Gel, the ultimate solution for fast and effective energy replenishment during your workouts. With its intelligent Dual-Carb...

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  • Maurten Gels GEL 160 XMiles
    Maurten Gels GEL 160 XMiles

    Gel 160

    From £4.20 - £39.95 GBP

    Gel 160 is a bigger hydrogel option — encapsulating 40 grams of carbohydrates in each serving. Proven technology built with just 6 natural ingredi...

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