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Energy Chews

XMiles have selected a range of Chews, Caps and Bloks that we feel are the best on the market for fuelling your training and racing. Clif Bloks, GU Energy Chews and more available.

Save with Mix & Match Discounts - Choose any brand or flavour of energy blocks and enjoy the same discount as you would receive on any singular flavoured box.

READ MORE Why should you fuel?

Energy chews come in different flavours and sizes. They help to replenish your depleted carbohydrate stores when working out, racing or using energy. Your body uses two sources of fuel to feed your muscles; Fat and Carbs.

Clif Energy Bloks
Caffeine Bullet
TORQ Energy Chew
  • GU Chews GU Energy Chews XMiles

    GU Energy Chews


    Description About GU Energy Labs GU Energy Chews are pocket sized bursts of energy designed to be portable yet powerful. 8 Energy Chews. Choose...

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