SiS believe that the most sophisticated piece of sports equipment you’ll ever own is your body. If you don’t put high performance sports nutrition in, you won’t get your full potential out.

Their range of products are researched and developed by sports scientists in conjunction with international athletes. This scientific research underpins everything we do to ensure that all our products meet the exacting standards of Informed Sport. This means that everything we do and every personal best you achieve with us, is FUELLED BY SCIENCE.

Triple Tested - Unique to Science in Sport

Science in Sport products are registered via the raw material testing, site certification, and blind testing protocol. This three-pronged approach is the only gold standard testing available. Here, product materials are individually screened, full products are analysed and random product and facility testing.

The SiS core product ranges:

SiS GO, comprising of energy powders, isotonic energy gels, energy bars and hydration tablets; REGO, the complete recovery product; and PROTEIN which includes whey protein, Advanced Isolate, Overnight Protein and the biggest innovation in protein in years - WHEY20



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