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Spring Energy Gels at XMiles

Spring Energy Gels at XMiles

XMiles - Spring Energy Gels

At XMiles we are aware of the ongoing independent investigations and tests regarding the carbohydrate and calorie content in Spring Awesome Sauce gels.  We are currently working with Trading Standards in the UK and awaiting updates from Spring Energy.

Spring Energy Update as of June 3rd:

We have recently discovered there maybe discrepancies in the nutritional information provided by Spring, particularly regarding the calorie and carbohydrate content per serving. Independent tests also suggest that the actual values might be significantly less than what is listed. Therefore, we are now offering all Spring products at a 50% discount.

Nutritional Information: While we continue to display the original nutritional information provided by Spring, we cannot confirm its accuracy for the current batch of products available for purchase.

Why 50% Off? As the UK retailer of Spring Energy, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the nutritional information on the products we have in stock. Since you might be receiving half the nutritional content expected, we believe it is fair for you to only pay half the price. Despite this, Spring products remain all-natural and taste great.

If you have purchased Spring products that are unopened, we will arrange either a 50% refund if you wish to keep the products or a full refund upon return. If you have any questions about past purchases or wish to arrange a return, please contact us at

At XMiles, our mission is to provide you with the best products and the most accurate information available. As an independent retailer, we are exploring measures to prevent such issues in the future, including the potential of conducting our own independent product testing.

As the exclusive UK retailer for Spring we are aware of the impact of the claims and will work with our customers to ensure a satisfactory resolution.  If you wish to contact us on this topic please e-mail the XMiles team at

Thank you for your understanding whilst we continue to work on this matter.

Anthony - CEO \ Founder @ XMiles UK Ltd

For full transparency we have included below the official statement from Spring Energy in May 2024.

Official Statement from Spring Energy - Product Improvements

Spring Energy was created by athletes and for athletes. We are deeply connected to our community, and understand the importance of nutrition, and always strive to create high-quality whole food-based sports nutrition products. Despite being a small business, our products have been instrumental in empowering athletes globally in their quest for excellence.

In early May we submitted Awesome Sauce for third-party caloric and biomolecular analysis. Although the results indicated that on average our products deliver the designed nutrition value, we have recognized weaknesses in our processes and ingredients which can introduce unwanted variations in some batches. 

To mitigate those variations in our small batch production, we decided to modify some of the formulations, revise and innovate processes, and re-evaluate ingredient sources. These changes will bring higher quality and more consistency to our products.

Enhancements of our products aimed to stabilize their nutrition values are on the horizon, and within the next few weeks, you'll see the results of our efforts. A new and improved version of Awesome Sauce will soon be available.

We are confident that these adjustments will elevate the quality of our products, further supporting athletes at all levels in achieving their peak performance. Nature offers the optimal blend of nutrients, and real food consistently provides everything necessary for outstanding performance. Our relentless pursuit of harnessing the finest from nature continues.

Thank you for being a part of the Spring Energy family!

-Rafal and Adam

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