Hüma Recovery Pouch


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These single-serve twist-top pouches are a blend of fruit purees, brown rice and pea protein powders (a complete protein), hi oleic sunflower oil, sea salt and other natural ingredients for a convenient and healthy way to refuel your body after strenuous exercise.

Eat Anywhere

No need to scoop and mix a protein/recovery drink mix powder into a smoothie or liquid. No clumping or clean-up. These are 5 ounces of premixed blend in ready-to-drink form - not a recovery drink but instead a thicker smoothie puree consistency. It's quick and easy to swallow, just throw away the empty pouch.


Contains natural, real food ingredients in a portable form for faster recovery after endurance or high intensity exercise. Repair and rebuild muscles, reduce inflammation, and restore electrolytes and glycogen levels to minimise recovery time.

Great Tasting Nutrition

Tastes like your favourite tangy fruit protein smoothie, without any of the hassle. Vegan & plant based, dairy free, soy free, and gluten free. Contains 14g Complete Protein, 800+ mg of Sodium & Potassium, 4g healthy fat, 25g carbs and 3g of fiber from all-natural sources.

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