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5 reasons to choose a Energy Chew

5 reasons to choose a Energy Chew

Whether it be on a run or bike, on the road or trail, sometimes you need a boost and gels just aren't going to cut it - something chewy but not sweet! Time to try an energy chew.

Energy chews come in a number or variations, some in stick-packs, others in packs of different quantities that add variety to your nutrition plan. Lets compare the chews...

Compare Chews - Nutritional Information (Per Pack)

Note: Information from selected flavour please see product information for variations.

Pack Size - 60g (211kcal)

Carbohydrate 48g

Salt 0.10g

Flavour: Cola


Pack Size - 39g (133kcal)

Carbohydrate 31.1g

Salt 0.02g

Flavour: Pineapple

Pack Size - 54g (160kcal)

Carbohydrate 40g

Salt 0.08g

Flavour: Orange

Pack Size - 28g (100kcal)

Carbohydrate 25g

Salt 0.08g

Flavour: Orange

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Pack Size - 40g (120kcal)

Carbohydrate 29.6g

Salt 0.018g

Flavour: Raspberry

Pack Size - 60g (192kcal)

Carbohydrate 48g

Salt 0.25g

Flavour: Mountain Berry

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But why choose a chew over other fuelling options such as gels and bars? Lets look at why and when to go chew...

5 reasons to choose a chew


The great thing about chews is they are convenient to carry, with packaging that stores away easily in running shorts, cycling jerseys and waist belts. With easy to open packaging, GU Energy, Clif Bloks and Torq Chews come in a stick-like shape making them easy to grab, hold, and open. Sports Beans, Honey Stinger and Powerbar come in small easy-to-store packets.

2 - YOU NEED A LITTLE or a lot

So sometimes you don't want the full 100 calories you would get from a gel; maybe it's just a training run or ride. Or maybe you're just topping up your drink! Possibly, you need to put to bed that twinge of hunger or a slight dip in energy.  We’ve got you covered. Splitting those 100 calories over the pack of chews means you can eat a few and save the rest. Still getting all the complex and simple carbohydrates you need, but giving you the flexibility to consume a full serving at your pace. So whether it be a single chew or the whole packet you can take as much time as you need to finish a serving.


Looking for an as-good-as-it-gets mess-free fuelling experience? Switch from sticky gels and crumbly bars to chews. The solid consistency makes them easy to grab while in the saddle or on the run.


Sometimes with the best of planning you or a friend gets their nutrition wrong. Most energy chews are packaged in double serving packets, meaning that with one pack of chews you are carrying two servings of quality carbohydrates and cramp-preventing electrolytes, which you can easily share with your needy training partners.

5 - The perfect partner

More and more people are switching away from gels on the bike or when going long on the run.  Energy drinks such as Tailwind and Mountain Fuel are becoming the staple energy source, but sometimes you just need some food! Simple to split a pack, strap to a bottle or stick in the pocket, chews are the perfect partner to combine with your energy drink.

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