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Wrist Compression Support

by Bearhug
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  • Our Bearhug wrist supports provide comfort around the wrist and are made of non-irritating bamboo fibres that don’t crease when worn.

    A wrist support can be a superb help for anyone experiencing wrist pain, tingling, stiffness, repetitive strain, and a wealth of other common ailments brought about by sport and everyday life.

    From office workers to labourers, life can take its toll on the wrist, so it needs to be protected, especially when conditions like arthritis can be debilitating and infringe on one’s ability to lead a full life.

  • In 2014 Bearhug's co-founder was battling with a long-standing ankle injury that was threatening to put an end to his competitive rugby playing days. Not one to lie down and accept defeat this kicked off a worldwide search until he found a support that could get him back out there. Fast forward two years, the pack was formed and Bearhug was born.

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Wrist Compression

A versatile and comfortable wrist support can aid in compression, a reliable medical technique that’s often used to accelerate the recovery process, making it ideal for anyone hoping to get back to the action as soon as possible.

It essentially works by limiting the build-up of fluids at the injury, reducing swelling, and helping to deal with long-term pain management. This can be especially effective in the wrist, as swelling can make everyday life much more difficult due to a lack of motion or a shortened range of movement.

For the rugby lovers amongst you, protecting your wrists against injury is essential. Wrist and hand injuries are fairly frequent in rugby, with some of the more common examples including fractures, swelling, spraining, and the FDP rupture, also known as jersey finger. 

The latter can be extremely painful and often require surgery to fix, and it’s caused when the tendon tears away from the bone, resulting in a loss of movement and, in some cases, numbness.

If you’re undergoing treatment for a wrist injury already, the support can take away the pressure with the help of consistent compression, reducing pain, discomfort, and swelling, hopefully allowing you to get a head start on your healing journey.

Hand and Wrist Blood Flow

The increased blood flow encouraged by the wrist support can improve your dexterity and help you maintain optimal health and protection from injuries as you exercise and play sport. Bamboo compression supports have accelerated heat retention properties. Enhancing your performance ​along with decreasing your recovery and rehabilitation periods. Encouraging blood flow can enable your body’s natural mechanisms to continue moving oxygen through your veins, potentially relieving some of the pain caused by common wrist and hand injuries, like arthritis and thumb sprains. 

If you’ve ever tried to grip a golf club or a tennis racket with a throbbing wrist, you’ll likely know how painful it becomes over time, and you may have seen a decline in your dexterity as a result.

This can greatly affect your game and start to diminish the enjoyment you get out of your favourite sports.

A wrist support may be the perfect remedy for ongoing pain, aiding your dexterity and returning the enjoyment to your chosen sports and exercise routines.

    Product Features

    Bearhug Wrist Compression Support

    Composition: Nylon 62% | Bamboo 23% | Spandex 15%

    How does the Wrist Support work? Get the most out of the products

    The Bearhug bamboo Wrist support sleeve provides compression to the hand, thumb and arm increasing blood flow, enhancing performance, assisting with rehabilitation and recovery while providing pain relief for arthritis, repetitive stress, tendonitis and carpal tunnel syndrome.

    The wrist support sleeve can be used to accelerate recovery and rehabilitation from a injured thumb ligaments and joint pain with the bamboo properties increasing blood flow. The sleeves can also be used during exercise and activities outdoors and indoors to provide support and compression for pain relief from arthritis, hand and thumb pain.

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