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Welcome to XMiles, your ultimate one-stop shop for energy, hydration, and recovery nutrition. As the leading destination for endurance sports nutrition, we take immense pride in offering the most extensive selection of top-tier sports nutrition brands and products to fuel your performance.

Whether you're aiming for a personal best, tackling a challenging race, or simply looking to enhance your overall endurance, XMiles has the ideal nutrition solutions to propel you towards success. Fuel your passion with XMiles and seize the potential of your athletic endeavors today.

Nutrition: Insights

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Why do I need nutrition?

Understanding the importance of nutrition is essential for optimizing your performance, especially when engaging in physical activities like running 5k to 10k races or longer events like half-marathons to ultra-marathons. Proper nutrition provides the fuel your body needs to sustain energy levels and enhance endurance during these events.

Fueling for Shorter Races (5k to 10k):

While shorter distance races may not necessitate additional nutrition for everyone, there are factors to consider. If you anticipate running for an extended period or if the race is particularly important to you, ensuring you start the race with adequate fuel can be beneficial.

Pre-Race Preparation: It is essential to be well-hydrated and properly fueled before the race begins. A pre-loading strategy can help you achieve this. Consider consuming an energy drink between breakfast and the race start, sipping it slowly and finishing it about 45 minutes before the race. Drinking early allows your body to absorb the nutrients efficiently, maximizing your performance potential.

During the Race: For races lasting over an hour, like 10k or half marathons, incorporating in-race nutrition can provide a performance boost. A gel taken after approximately 1 hour of running (around 5 to 10 miles into the race) can be beneficial. This can help maintain your energy levels and support your performance until the finish line.

Nutrition for Half-Marathons to Ultra-Marathons:

Longer races demand a more comprehensive fueling strategy right from the start. Waiting too long to fuel can lead to issues such as stomach distress and a drop in sodium levels, negatively affecting your performance.

In-Race Fueling Strategy: A recommended approach is to consume 1 gel every 5-6km (3-5 miles) or every 20-35 minutes throughout the race. This means you may need to take on approximately 5 to 7 gels during a marathon.

Adapting to Individual Preferences: If energy gels don't suit you, there are alternative fueling methods to consider:

  • Energy Drink: Some runners prefer obtaining their fuel through energy drinks. This can be beneficial, especially for those who experience gut or stomach issues with gels.
  • Energy Chews: Another option is fueling with chewable energy sources, which serve as direct replacements for gels. For instance, consuming three blocks of certain chew products may provide similar intake as one gel.

It's crucial to experiment with different textures and flavors to find what works best for you personally.

Proper nutrition is a vital aspect of your running performance, whether you're participating in shorter races or pushing yourself in half-marathons and marathons. Fueling your body adequately before and during the race ensures you have the energy and stamina to reach your running goals effectively. Always consider individual preferences and consult with experts to fine-tune your nutrition strategy for optimal results.

Nutrition: Brands

  • Clif Energy Bars Clif Bar XMiles
    Clif Energy Bars Clif Bar XMiles

    Clif Bar

    From £2.19 - £21.00 GBP

    Discover the original CLIF BAR® Energy Bar, a purposefully crafted snack that combines wholesome ingredients to provide plant-based energy you can...

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  • OTE Bars / Food Anytime Bar XMiles
    OTE Energy Bars Anytime Bar XMiles

    Anytime Bar

    From £1.70 - £25.50 GBP

    Introducing the OTE Anytime Bar, the perfect companion for anyone seeking a natural and nutritious snack to fuel their active lifestyle. Whether y...

    View full details
  • Torq Bars / Food Explore Flapjack XMiles
    Torq Energy Bars Explore Flapjack XMiles

    Explore Flapjack

    From £2.15 - £38.70 GBP

    Explore Flapjacks Enjoy our energy-enriched, soft, syrupy and deliciously tasty organic, vegan-friendly TORQ Explore Flapjack as a convenient natur...

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  • Chia Charge Energy Bars Banana / Single Serve Chia Energy Flapjack (80g) XMiles
    Chia Charge Energy Bars Chia Energy Flapjack (80g) XMiles
    Chia Charge

    Chia Energy Flapjack

    From £2.20 - £37.50 GBP

    Chia Energy Flapjack bar balanced recipe enables a fast energy boost to be backed up with slower burn carbs, so there is no post gel crash in energ...

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  • Veloforte Bars / Food Ciocco Veloforte Energy Bars (5 Flavours options) XMiles
    Veloforte Bars / Food Veloforte Energy Bars (5 Flavours options) XMiles

    Energy Bar

    From £2.75 - £30.50 GBP

    Introducing Veloforte Energy Bar, a revolutionary blend of tradition, flavor, and performance. Inspired by an ancient Italian fortifier and crafte...

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  • Voom Energy Bars Beta Blast (Orange) Pocket Rocket (42g) XMiles
    Voom Energy Bars Single Serve / Electro Energy Pocket Rocket XMiles

    Pocket Rocket

    From £1.50 - £28.00 GBP

    RAPID ENERGY DELIVERY HOUR AFTER HOUR. Voom sports nutrition bars with three fast-acting glucose-based bars. Ideal as cycling energy bars or for an...

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  • STYRKR Energy Bars Dark Chocolate Chip BAR50 (75g) XMiles
    STYRKR Energy Bars BAR50 (75g) XMiles


    From £2.50 - £27.99 GBP

    BAR50 is packed with puffed rice and delicious natural ingredients. Not only does it contain a huge 50g of carbohydrates but is available in three ...

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  • Clif Energy Bars Clif Nut Butter Filled Bar XMiles
    Clif Energy Bars Clif Nut Butter Filled Bar XMiles

    Nut Butter Bar

    From £2.79 - £28.50 GBP

    Introducing the Clif Nut Butter Bar, a remarkable fusion of flavors and nutrition that will fuel your body and satisfy your taste buds. Crafted by...

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  • Chia Charge Bars / Food Chia Charge Mini Flapjack (30g) XMiles
    Chia Charge Energy Bars Chia Energy Mini Flapjack XMiles
    Chia Charge

    Chia Energy Mini Flapjack

    From £1.35 - £20.99 GBP

    Chia Energy Mini Flapjack is like an energy gel, easy to carry size, but tastes great and made with real food. Following overwhelming demand to cre...

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  • Torq Bars / Food Organic Juicy Mango TORQ Energy Bar Organic - 45g Bar XMiles
    Torq Bars / Food TORQ Energy Bar Organic - 45g Bar XMiles

    TORQ Energy Bar

    From £2.25 - £27.00 GBP

    TORQ Energy Bars are the perfect fuel for endurance athletes. They are moist and chewy, with a subtle crunch, and packed with multiple-transportabl...

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