What fuelled Kilian Jornet when pushing to see how many meters of elevation gain he could do in 24 hours?

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Only Kilian would ask himself 'How many meters of elevation gain can I do in 24 hours?'  Here is an extract from his blog on how he fuelled the adventure.

Kilian set out with the plan to test the variables of elevation and endurance. His aim was to see how his body reacted to large amounts of elevation over the course of one day.

Check out Kilians the Strava activity sync with Suunto 9

In our extract we look at how Kilian Jornet fuelled his 24-hour activity, consuming 40 gels and 5,500 - 6,000 calories total.



Jornet wrote, in his ‘Food and drink log’

“The strategy was to take in around 250 cal / hour. I started eating gels after 1 hour and every 30 minutes from then on. I was taking Spring energy gel (Speednut – 235 cal, Long Haul – 110 cal, McRaecovery – 150 cal, Canaberry, Hill Aid – 100 cal) and Mountain Fuel jelly's (Cola, Orange and Lemon & Lime).”

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Read Kilians full blog >> here

Extracts and images © Matti Bernitz/Lymbus from www.kilianjornet.cat plus images from instagram.com/kilianjornet/

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