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Nutrition for Anglo Celtic Plate 100k

Nutrition for Anglo Celtic Plate 100k - Paul Navesey - March 2016


Well, during training, day to day I predominantly ate a carbohydrate diet, however I don't deprive myself of anything in particular. I am a big fan of oats and pasta with my treat of choice being dark chocolate! Following hard sessions or races where food may not be easy to come by straight after I will use a recovery drink.

My pre event breakfast is always oats. Nice and simple. 75g of soaked oats with honey. I'll either have a tea or coffee with that, plus a glass of water.


During the 100k, I ate Mule Bar gels up to around 6 hours then switched to drinking coke. I feel I could eat gels right through the event but I liked the switch to coke. It is very easy to just drink some calories and mentally I knew coke would be taken late on in the race so it feels like the finish is very close!


If I can get it then pizza is my post race meal of choice! I will also happily settle for a Nandos! Eating post race I think is important, getting the recovery process started. Although, it is also a reason to relax, celebrate and enjoy.


Over a long race being able to stomach what you are eating is so important. Always try foods you plan to eat during the race, within your training. Think of intensity too. It may be very easy to eat a baguette whilst out for a stroll or sat on a bench midway through and easy long run. Less so at mile 20 of a marathon or mile 50 of a 100k+ event.

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