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Smart Swim 1

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Introducing Smart Swim 1, the world's first swim goggle featuring an augmented reality display and cutting-edge machine learning algorithms, revolutionising the way you train and perform in the water. These state-of-the-art goggles provide real-time metrics directly in your line of sight, giving you immediate access to essential data that can help you become a better, faster swimmer.

Product Features

  • Real-time augmented reality display for in-swim metrics
  • Integrated heart rate monitor for accurate pulse tracking
  • 15% smaller tech pack size for a sleeker design
  • Extended strap mounts for added stability and comfort
  • Upgraded eye seals for increased comfort
  • Premium Features (HeadCoach™, SwimStraight™, 1500+ workouts, and more)
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Product Description


Take your training to new heights with Premium Features, which include a free 2-month trial and are available for just £7/month thereafter. With HeadCoach™, you receive in-goggle visual coaching combined with comprehensive in-app analysis and educational content. The innovative SwimStraight™ technology incorporates the first-ever in-goggle compass, ensuring you maintain a straight line during your swims. Choose from over 1,500 guided workouts with step-by-step instructions displayed right in your goggles, or use the Workout Builder to create customised sessions tailored to your goals. Additionally, access over 45 training plans, ranging from beginner levels to full Ironman preparations, ensuring there's a plan for every swimmer. Seamlessly integrate your workouts with TrainingPeaks, importing them directly into your goggles for a streamlined experience.

Even without a Premium subscription, Smart Swim 1 offers exceptional features. Experience advanced machine learning algorithms and powerful sensors that track and analyse your swim with precision. Motion sensors detect and track your strokes automatically, so there are no buttons to press – simply swim and let the goggles handle the rest. Customisable display metrics allow you to focus on the data most relevant to your performance, while automatic syncing ensures your workouts, plans, and completed swims are effortlessly transferred to the app via Bluetooth.

Smart Swim 1 boasts a 16-hour battery life, ensuring it can keep up with your most demanding training sessions. For heart rate monitoring, pair with a compatible Polar Verity Sense or OH1/OH1+ (sold separately) and see your heart rate data in real time. Share your swim data seamlessly with popular platforms like Strava, TrainingPeaks, TriDot, Apple Health, and Final Surge. Enhance your open water swims by pairing the goggles with Garmin and Apple watches for added GPS data.

Designed for comfort and performance, Smart Swim 1 features interchangeable nose bridges in sizes XS-XL to ensure a perfect fit, and leak-free silicone eye seals. Replaceable eye seals and head strap ensure longevity and continuous comfort. The augmented reality display can be worn on either the left or right eye and is visible for prescriptions up to -3. Mirrored lenses are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, and an industry-leading anti-fog coating keeps your vision clear. Each set includes a ventilated carry case, magnetic charging cable, interchangeable nose bridges, and a mounting clip for the heart rate sensor.

Post-swim, Smart Swim 1 offers unmatched data analysis. Receive a detailed length-by-length breakdown of your swim, helping you to understand your strengths and pinpoint areas for improvement. This comprehensive data enables you to refine your technique, enhance your pace, and stay motivated.

When swimming in open water, use the time and stroke rate features to pace your swim perfectly, or pair the goggles with a Garmin or Apple Watch to display GPS data, such as pace per 100 metres. Knowing your exact distance swum provides peace of mind, especially in open water conditions.


Key Benefits of Smart Swim 1

  • Augmented Reality Display: Real-time metrics directly in your goggles.
  • Advanced Machine Learning Algorithms: Accurate tracking and analysis.
  • Premium Features: HeadCoach™, SwimStraight™, 1500+ workouts, workout builder, and training plans.
  • Automatic Stroke Detection: No buttons to press, just swim and track.
  • Customisable Display Metrics: Tailor the data you see to your needs.
  • Seamless Data Syncing: Automatic sync via Bluetooth to the app.
  • Heart Rate Tracking: Compatible with Polar Verity Sense and OH1/OH1+.
  • Platform Integration: Share data with Strava, TrainingPeaks, TriDot, Apple Health, and Final Surge.
  • Durable and Comfortable Design: Interchangeable nose bridges, leak-free silicone eye seals, replaceable components.
  • Versatile Lenses: Mirrored for indoor/outdoor use, anti-fog coating.
  • Comprehensive Post-Swim Data: Detailed analysis to improve performance.
  • Open Water Mode: GPS data pairing for accurate distance tracking.

How does it work?

Smart Swim 1 integrates advanced technology and user-friendly design to enhance your swimming experience. The augmented reality display, powered by sophisticated machine learning algorithms, provides real-time metrics directly in your goggles. Motion sensors embedded in the goggles automatically detect and track your strokes, eliminating the need for manual input. As you swim, the goggles capture data on your performance, such as stroke count, lap times, and distance covered, which is then displayed on the in-goggle screen.

After your swim, the data collected is automatically synced to the Smart Swim app via Bluetooth. This app offers detailed post-swim analysis, breaking down your performance length by length. The information gathered helps you identify strengths and weaknesses, providing insights into areas for improvement. For those with a Premium subscription, additional features like HeadCoach™ offer in-goggle visual coaching, while SwimStraight™ ensures you maintain a straight path in the water. The app also allows for the integration of workouts from platforms like TrainingPeaks, ensuring your training is as efficient and effective as possible.


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About FORM

At FORM, we're driven by our collective belief that swimming can be so much more than what it's been. Creating the FORM Smart Swim Goggles was never the end goal—it was only the beginning. Now, swimmers at any skill level can be guided and motivated through an immersive swimming experience with real-time metrics and Workouts.