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EFN H500 Starter Pack

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Are you an endurance athlete seeking a rehydration solution that surpasses expectations in every way? Look no further than the revolutionary EFN H500 Electrolyte Tablet. Meticulously crafted by us, with your needs in mind, this super-convenient and highly effective hydration tablet is designed to deliver optimal performance, regardless of intensity or environmental conditions.

Pack Features

1 x EFN + XMiles 500ml water bottle and 2 x  EFN H500 Electrolyte Tablets. Experience the array of benefits it offers, ranging from optimized hydration efficiency to tailored dosage flexibility!

  • Only 15kcal per tablet
  • Use half a tablet during casual sessions
  • Use full tablet during hard sessions
  • Vegan, gluten-free, and dairy-free
  • Quad-Blend Hypotonic Formula
  • Assists with Hydration Efficiency
  • Increased Water Intake
  • Practical and On-the-Go
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Nutritional Information Get the most out of the products

Starter Pack / Blackcurrant

Serving Size: 1 Tablet

Net Weight: 86 g

Serving Per Container: 12

Amount Per Serving
Energy 15kcal
Fat 0g
Carbohydrate 0.89g
- of which sugars 0.09g
Fibre 0.22g
Protein 0.01g
Salt 1.27g
Sodium 500mg
Magnesium 25mg
Potassium 100mg
Calcium 15mg

Product Description

The EFN H500 Electrolyte Tablet revolutionizes hydration efficiency, allowing you to maintain peak performance for longer periods. With its innovative formulation, this electrolyte tablet ensures your body receives the hydration it needs precisely when it needs it. By optimizing fluid balance and replenishing vital electrolytes, the H500 tablet enables you to push your limits and achieve optimal performance in your endurance activities.

The H500 tablet features a quad-blend hypotonic formula, meticulously engineered to deliver the perfect balance of essential electrolytes. With sodium (500mg), potassium (100mg), magnesium (25mg), and calcium (15mg), this unique blend precisely mimics the electrolyte composition found in human sweat. By replenishing these vital salts effectively, the H500 tablet supports your body's electrolyte levels, helping you perform at your best while preventing dehydration.

Staying adequately hydrated has never been easier with the H500 electrolyte tablets. They actively promote increased water intake, assisting you in maintaining optimal fluid balance during your endurance activities. By dissolving the tablet in water, you'll enjoy a refreshing and invigorating drink that supports your body's hydration needs, keeping you refreshed and focused throughout your workouts.

Designed with practicality in mind, the H500 tablet is your perfect companion for rigorous training sessions and demanding competitions. Its portable nature ensures that you can carry it effortlessly wherever your athletic pursuits take you. With the H500 tablet by your side, you'll have access to superior hydration whenever and wherever you need it, empowering you to perform at your best without compromise.

Inclusivity is a core value, and that's why the H500 tablet is proudly vegan-friendly. Regardless of your dietary preferences, you can benefit from the exceptional qualities of the H500 tablet. By catering to diverse needs, EFN ensures that athletes from all walks of life can optimize their performance and hydration with confidence.

Say goodbye to stomach discomfort during your workouts with the H500 tablet. Once dissolved, it optimizes the pH of the final solution, facilitating quicker transit from the stomach to the small intestine. This unique feature reduces the likelihood of irritation, providing a gentle and comfortable hydration experience, allowing you to focus on your performance rather than any digestive discomfort.

H500 Electrolyte Tablets XMiles

Key Benefits of H500 Hydration Drink

  • Only 15kcal per tablet
  • Use half a tablet during casual sessions
  • Use full tablet during hard sessions
  • Vegan, gluten-free, and dairy-free
  • Quad-Blend Hypotonic Formula: 500mg Sodium, 100mg Potassium, 25mg Magnesium & 15mg Calcium
  • Assists with Hydration Efficiency
  • Increased Water Intake
  • Practical and On-the-Go

How does it work?

The H500 Hydration Drink Tablets are designed with dual dosage effervescence, allowing you to conveniently adapt your hydration regimen. Whether you're engaging in a casual session or a more intense workout, this feature empowers you to customize your hydration approach accordingly.

Half a Tablet for Casual Sessions: During casual or moderate activity levels and mild environmental conditions, using half a tablet of H500 is sufficient. By dissolving half a tablet in water, you'll enjoy a perfectly balanced hypotonic drink that replenishes electrolytes and supports hydration. This dosage ensures that you maintain optimal fluid balance without overloading your system, making it ideal for everyday workouts or low-intensity training sessions.

Full Tablet for Hard Sessions: When you find yourself in more demanding situations, such as intense training sessions, prolonged endurance activities, or exercising in hot and humid conditions, it's recommended to use a full H500 tablet. This higher dosage helps by replenishing vital salts that are lost through excessive sweating. By dissolving a full tablet in water, you'll receive a concentrated dose of electrolytes, optimizing your hydration and performance during challenging workouts.

Directions of Use Get the most out of the products

How do you use H500 Hydration Drink?

For Heavy Sweating/Intense Activity: Dissolve 1 Tablet In 500ml of Water, Shake Well And Drink.

For Light Sweating/Casual Activity: Dissolve Half Of A Tablet In 500ml of Water, Shake Well And Drink.

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About EFN

Whether you're a professional athlete striving for victory, a weekend warrior chasing personal bests, or someone embarking on a new fitness challenge, EFN is here to fuel your endurance and empower your performance. Trust in our expertise, embrace our products, and embark on a journey fueled by EFN to reach new heights in your athletic pursuits. Created by XMiles UK.

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