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Stnky washable laundry bags

Most bags are too bulky to carry everywhere. Carrying your sweaty gym clothes in your backpack next to your lunch or laptop isn’t ideal either. Nurses stuffing their scrubs into a grocery bag to transport them to their laundry room is a hassle too. Apart from not being practical, these options don’t do well locking in smells or germs and they’re usually a pain to wash.

So here it is: the STNKY Bag. Quick, versatile, clean and easy. Now that we’ve been selling STNKY Bags since April of 2019, we took your valuable feedback and the new bags are available right now. They’re extremely durable, and are environmentally friendly!

Bye bye stink, hello STNKY! Preparation is key

Here at STNKY we’re a small, international team of people thinking of ways to make active lifestyles easier.

The first STNKY Bag was created to be a sanitary way to keep your fitness and gym clothes separate from your personal items after a workout, and lock in sweat and germs. While designing, we figured, why not add in a built-in wash net so you can toss the whole thing in the wash without having to touch it.  

Now, STNKY washable bags are used widely by runners, gym buffs, travelers, boaters, swimmers, and even healthcare workers and first responders so they can conveniently transport and wash their dirty scrubs and uniforms.

Our company values the impact we have on people and the planet. This influences how we produce, distribute, and sell STNKY Bags.
Though the initial product was developed by our Swedish counterparts, our business is based in Tomball, Texas and our STNKY Bags are made at a factory that we own in Mexico.

Our employees are paid above a livable wage for their work. We make everything we can in-house and everything that we source meets fair trade criteria. Our materials are as environmentally friendly as possible and we use recycled materials as much as possible throughout our processes. Our focus on distribution has targeted markets where we can replace single-use plastics like those commonly used in gyms for towels, swimsuits and sweaty gear. 

Stnky washable laundry bags
Stnky washable laundry bags
Stnky washable laundry bags
  • STNKY STNKY Bag Pro XMiles
    STNKY STNKY Bag Pro XMiles

    STNKY Bag Pro

    From €37,94 - €47,42 EUR

    The STNKY Bag Pro ST 13L and XL 26L are the perfect solution for keeping your dirty clothes and gear separate from your clean stuff. It's made from...

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