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Resilient Nutrition

We have stone age bodies but live in a space age world. Leveraging a deep understanding of nutrition science, circadian biology, physical and psychological performance, combined with extensive trials and experience with explorers, adventurers and athletes operating on the edges of human capability, we design and deliver nutrition solutions that optimize performance around the clock, in any environment on the planet.

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Why use Resilient Nutrition?


Switch On contains some ingredients (e.g., creatine monohydrate) that have effects that accumulate with repeated use, so some of Switch On’s benefits add up over time. This said, while there’s no obvious need to cycle on and off Switch On, it’s worth noting that the longest studies of some of its ingredients have only lasted about 8 weeks (this is true of L-theanine, for instance). These studies have all shown that the ingredients in Switch On have excellent safety profiles. Nevertheless, to be cautious, we recommend that you use Switch On somewhat intermittently. Either of the following work well:

  • Use Switch On on workdays only (e.g., Monday to Friday).
  • Use Switch On daily, but after 8 weeks of use take a 2-week break from using it before introducing it again.


We do what we can to support the health of the environment. We’re responsible in where and how we source our ingredients, we use recyclable and reusable packaging and we avoid using plastic when possible.

We respect and value the natural world. We will be donating a fixed proportion of our profits to the Coalition for Rainforest Nations, a charity that helps governments and communities responsibly manage their tropical rainforests. Rainforests are our planet’s richest areas of biodiversity, and preserving rainforests helps protect against climate change.

We’re also applying to become a certified B Corporation.


All our products are manufactured in the UK in BRC and SALSA approved facilities. They are subject to rigorous testing standards to ensure safety and quality as well as taste remain as high as possible.

We are proud to be Made in Britain approved and to represent the high quality products made in the United Kingdom.

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