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Cycling Energy Chews

Experience an burst of boundless energy as you explore the world of energy chews. With a variety of shapes, flavours, and sizes, our range of cycling energy chews are crafted to revitalize your depleted carbohydrate stores during intense workouts, races, or whenever you require that extra boost. Prepare to elevate your performance with the game-changing potential of our energy chews.

Cycling Energy Chews: Insights

FIND OUT MOREWhat Makes Energy Chews Beneficial for Cyclists?

For cyclists aiming to efficiently replenish their energy levels during demanding rides, energy chews offer a convenient solution. These compact and chewable snacks provide a potent source of carbohydrates, supplying the necessary fuel to power through long rides and enhance overall performance.

Understanding Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates are vital for cyclists as they serve as the primary energy source during rides, sustaining the muscles throughout intense physical exertion. During cycling, the body relies on stored carbohydrates in the form of glycogen to maintain optimal performance. Energy chews step in to swiftly replenish these glycogen stores, preventing fatigue and sustaining energy levels during long rides.

Rapid and Sustained Energy Boost

Energy chews are formulated to deliver a quick and efficient release of carbohydrates, ensuring rapid energy restoration during rides. These chewy treats are typically crafted with a blend of glucose, fructose, and other fast-acting carbohydrates, ensuring a speedy energy supply to fuel your cycling adventures. As you chew, these carbohydrates are swiftly absorbed into the bloodstream, providing an immediate energy surge to support your ride.

Moreover, energy chews offer sustained energy release, unlike some quick-energy sources that may cause fluctuations in energy levels. The controlled release of carbohydrates in energy chews helps maintain a steady flow of fuel, ideal for sustaining performance during prolonged rides.

Convenient and Portable

A key advantage of energy chews for cyclists is their portability and convenience. These bite-sized snacks can be easily stashed in your cycling jersey or bag, allowing you to refuel on the go without disrupting your ride. Whether you're tackling challenging terrains or embarking on long-distance rides, energy chews offer a hassle-free way to keep your energy levels up.

Personalized Consumption

Energy chews provide cyclists with the flexibility to customize their carbohydrate intake based on the intensity and duration of their rides. Unlike pre-portioned energy bars or gels, chews allow cyclists to control their carbohydrate consumption by nibbling on a few chews at a time, enabling precise energy replenishment tailored to individual needs.

Maintaining Carbohydrate Balance and Hydration

While energy chews excel in providing rapid and sustained energy, it's crucial for cyclists to maintain proper hydration alongside carbohydrate intake. Pairing energy chews with an electrolyte-rich sports drink helps optimize performance by ensuring efficient carbohydrate utilization and preventing dehydration during prolonged rides.

Cycling Energy Chews: Brands

  • Clif Chews Clif Bloks XMiles
    Clif Chews Clif Bloks - 60g Energy Chews XMiles

    Clif Bloks

    From €4,33 - €74,45 EUR

    Clif Bloks are the perfect companion for athletes who need a quick and convenient source of energy during their training or racing sessions. These...

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  • Veloforte Chews Cubos Energy Chews - 3 Flavours XMiles
    Veloforte Chews Cubos Energy Chews (50g) XMiles

    Cubos Energy Chews

    From €3,74 - €67,06 EUR

    Introducing Cubo Natural Energy Chews, the ultimate solution for athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and anyone leading an active lifestyle. Handmade w...

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  • GU Chews GU Energy Chews (60g) XMiles
    GU Chews GU Energy Chews (60g) XMiles

    GU Energy Chews

    From €5,41 - €60,96 EUR

    To avoid bonking while exercising, you need a portable source of easily digestible carbohydrates to fuel your muscles. GU Energy Chews pack energy-...

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  • Precision Hydration Chews Mint & Lemon / Single Serve PF 30 Energy Chews XMiles
    Precision Hydration Chews PF 30 Energy Chews XMiles
    Precision Fuel & Hydration

    PF 30 Energy Chews

    From €3,12 - €37,92 EUR

    Introducing PF 30 Energy Chews, the perfect fuel choice for athletes who need to travel light without sacrificing their performance. With a high c...

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  • Voom Energy Bars Beta Blast (Orange) Pocket Rocket (42g) XMiles
    Voom Energy Bars Single Serve / Electro Energy Pocket Rocket XMiles

    Pocket Rocket

    From €1,97 - €36,71 EUR

    RAPID ENERGY DELIVERY HOUR AFTER HOUR. Voom sports nutrition bars with three fast-acting glucose-based bars. Ideal as cycling energy bars or for an...

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  • Caffeine Bullet Chews Caffeine Bullet Chew - Packs (2 Flavours) XMiles
    Caffeine Bullet Chews Caffeine Bullet Chew - Packs (2 Flavours) XMiles
    Caffeine Bullet

    Caffeine Bullet Chew

    From €4,01 - €73,15 EUR

    Introducing Caffeine Bullet Chew, the revolutionary energy supplement that blends the power of caffeine with four types of electrolytes to assist ...

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  • PowerBar Chews Single Serve / Cola (Caffeine) Powergel Shots (60g) XMiles
    PowerBar Chews Powergel Shots 60g XMiles

    Powergel Shots

    From €2,71 - €58,94 EUR

    POWERGEL® SHOTS - LIQUID FILLED CARBOHYDRATE GUMS WITH C2MAX DUAL SOURCE CARB MIX For intense training or competition you should refuel during exer...

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  • Torq Chews TORQ Energy Chew XMiles
    Torq Chews TORQ Energy Chew XMiles

    TORQ Jellies

    From €3,74 - €55,89 EUR

    When You Need To Perform, Give It Some Jelly! Seamlessly integrating into TORQ’s Fuelling System, alongside the TORQ Gel, Bar & Energy Drink, ...

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  • High5 Chews Box of 10 / Berry High5 Energy Gummies (26g) XMiles
    High5 Chews Berry (default) 6+ HIGH5 Energy Gummies XMiles

    Energy Gummies

    From €2,43 - €21,66 EUR

    Introducing High5 Energy Gummies, the ultimate pocket-sized fuel for your endurance exercise needs. These chewy gummies are not only bursting with...

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  • 226ers Energy Bars Vegan Gummy Bar XMiles
    226ers Energy Bars Pack of 10 / Mixed Vegan Gummy Bar XMiles

    Vegan Gummy Bar

    From €3,39 - €130,88 EUR

    226ERS Vegan Gummy Bars are a convenient and delicious source of carbohydrates designed to support energy levels and maintain high physical perfor...

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  • OTE Single Serve / Strawberry OTE Energy Chew XMiles
    OTE OTE Energy Chew XMiles

    OTE Energy Chew

    From €2,71 - €50,40 EUR

    Introducing the Brand New OTE Energy Chew, now available in both Strawberry and Apple flavours. These delectable, naturally flavoured energy chews...

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  • Active Root Chews 2 Serving Sachet (64g) / Mango Active Root Chews XMiles
    Active Root Chews Active Root Chews XMiles
    Active Root

    Active Root Chews

    From €5,15 - €20,59 EUR

    Introducing Active Root Energy Chews – a deliciously fiery and refreshing alternative that provides a clean, natural boost of energy and hydration...

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  • 32Gi Chews Sports Chews (50g) XMiles
    32Gi Chews Sports Chews (50g) XMiles

    Sports Chews

    From €3,93 - €43,84 EUR

    Can’t stomach gooey, sticky, overly sweet gels? Or sickly & chewy sweets that constantly melt in the hot weather, get stuck in your teeth, or b...

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  • EnergySnacks Nutrition Box Chews Box (6 Packs) Chews Selection Box (6 Packs) XMiles

    Chews Selection Box


    Tired of being stuck in an energy gel rut? Our Chews Selection Box (6 Pack) is the ultimate way to diversify your fueling routine! Sample six of ou...

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