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CurraNZ New Zealand Blackcurrant Extract is a naturally-sourced, high-potency health and fitness food supplement.

CurraNZ has been proven in an international program of peer-reviewed health and sports research that establishes our product as the most researched and trusted blackcurrant supplement brand in the world.

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CurraNZ Immune Support

What is CurraNZ?

CurraNZ is a naturally-sourced food supplement in a capsule, made from premium New Zealand blackcurrants.

CurraNZ provides a standardized, proprietary formulation that contains 105m anthocyanin per 300mg capsule.

What is an extract?

The CurraNZ extract uses modern drying technology to carefully retain all of the originating anthocyanins from blackcurrants. This means that the dosing, consistency and specificity of the bioactives contained in our product is uniform in every batch.

How quickly will I feel the effects of CurraNZ?

As a rule of thumb, take one-two hours before any exercise session.

For best results, use daily for a minimum of seven days.

Tip for long-distance athletes: If exercising for longer than six hours, re-dose four hours after the first dose.

For general health: Some people experience results quicker than others, but we recommend using one capsule daily for general health.

Can I take more than two capsules a day?

Yes, it is fine to increase dose to a maximum of three capsules at one time. 

Is CurraNZ a herbal remedy?

No. CurraNZ is a food supplement made from 100% blackcurrants, which are classed as a 'botanical'. One capsule of CurraNZ provides the nutritional equivalent of eating a handful of fresh New Zealand blackcurrants. 

Is CurraNZ safe?

CurraNZ is manufactured to the highest quality standards and every batch is subjected to rigorous testing to ensure uniformity and quality. The product is free from synthetic ingredients, chemicals or sugar.

We use only premium, high-purity New Zealand blackcurrant extract made by one of the world’s leading producers. 

Always use in conjunction with a balanced diet. Always consult your health professional if pregnant or taking medication. 

Is CurraNZ drug-free?

We only use naturally-sourced ingredients in our supplement. As an Informed-Sport certified brand, every batch is screened for banned substances in sport to give professional athletes confidence in its clean supplement status and quality assurance.

Why should I switch to CurraNZ from my regular supplement programme?

CurraNZ has pre and post-workout applications and is designed to complement a healthy and active lifestyle. Other supplement intake may be reduced by virtue of our product’s multi-factorial benefits.

What makes CurraNZ unique?                              

New Zealand Blackcurrants contain some of the highest levels of polyphenolic compounds and anthocyanins found in any fruit.

The unique climatic conditions in the South Island of New Zealand are responsible for the superior properties of our blackcurrants. The unique cultivars, strong ultraviolet sunlight, long sunshine hours and harsh winters result in highly nutritious berries containing up to 1.5 times more anthocyanins than their European counterparts.

Can anyone use CurraNZ?

Yes, it is suitable for everyone, unless you have an allergy to berry fruit.

Can I take CurraNZ during pregnancy?

We recommend using no more than one capsule per day until week 26, then discontinuing in the last trimester. Please consult your doctor for guidance on polyphenol intake during pregnancy.

Does CurraNZ need to be taken with or without food?

It can be taken at any time and is gentle on the stomach.

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