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Energy Snacks

Stuck in a rut! Treat yo'self to the surprise of the month with an Energy Snacks "Mystery Box"! Enjoy a rainbow of flavors in one convenient package, each hand-picked by the expert team with only the freshest and tastiest nutrition. Delight your taste buds and get nutritionally energized - it's a win-win!

Our Monthly Box Discover the ultimate sports nutrition and snacks with our monthly subscription box. Receive new and delicious selections of snacks and nutrition products every month with no commitment required. Enjoy the convenience of having everything you need shipped right to your door.

Energy Bar Box
Energy Snacks
Energy Chew Box
WHY IS ENERGY SNACKS DIFFERENT? Boost your performance

Energy Snacks started as a monthly sports nutrition subscription box in September 2016 focusing on nutrition for triathletes, cyclists, runners and any other endurance sports as they were fed up of having to buy nutrition by the box and wanted to mix things up using a variety of fuel during training and racing with their nutrition boxes.

Energy Snacks joined the XMiles family in March 2022. Now the Energy Snacks nutrition boxes have arrived at XMiles helping you discover your new favourite nutrition, from the top brands that we know and love. Let us pick your next box.

  • EnergySnacks

    Monthly Nutrition Box


    Monthly Nutrition Box | July | Buy a single box or subscribe for regular monthly boxes and save 10%. Get your sports nutrition fix with the EnergyS...

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  • EnergySnacks Nutrition Box Chews Box (6 Packs) Chews Selection Box (6 Packs) XMiles

    Chews Selection Box


    Tired of being stuck in an energy gel rut? Our Chews Selection Box (6 Pack) is the ultimate way to diversify your fueling routine! Sample six of ou...

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  • EnergySnacks Wellness Pack Wellness Pack XMiles

    Wellness Pack


    Wellness Pack | Buy a single box or subscribe for regular monthly boxes and save 10%. Our expertly curated Wellness Box contains 8 products to su...

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