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MAURTEN: Welcome to the family: Kilian Jornet

MAURTEN: Welcome to the family: Kilian Jornet

From the highest of peaks and to the longest of trails, Maurten are thrilled to officially announce one of the brightest stars in the world of endurance sports: Kilian Jornet.

Kilian Jornet

Born in the mountains, Kilian continues to stretch our imagination of what is possible for a human being. He triumphs in environments where most people struggle to even take one step. With his playful yet tenacious and relentless mindset that has taken him through every extreme challenge out there, Kilian embodies a true champion.

Welcome to the Maurten family Kilian. 

"When you push yourself to the limit, everything matters. All details need to be perfect.
I often face harsh conditions. I can’t control snowstorms, tropic heat or altitude. I can only make sure that I’m well prepared and have done my homework – that both my mind and body have faced similar situations in training. One area that people often underestimate is energy. Getting the right amount of energy is absolutely crucial. It makes a huge difference getting enough carbohydrates, both mentally and physically. It’s something that I’ve struggled with for years. That’s why I haven’t had a nutritional sponsor, because I simply haven’t found anything that works flawlessly.

But last year I tried Maurten during my races. Honestly, I didn’t know what to expect but to my surprise, it genuinely felt different. It worked - really, really well. So, we got in touch and after talking with them I also understood that we share a lot of values. They fully understand how the body of an athlete reacts in extreme conditions and in a wide range of activities, something I can definitely relate to. 

So, with that said I am really happy to finally share that I am joining Maurten and also will be working with them on new ideas and exciting projects ahead. Awesome to be part of the Maurten family." 


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