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Damian Carr XMiles Ambassador Blog

Damian Carr - Ambassadors during Lockdown

Hi - I was a late starter into the running world, growing up for me was all about footie and table tennis. I remember one time after a race someone said to me "you dont look like a runner, more like a European footballer" (whatever that is) did make me laugh. I found my passion for running after serving in iraq with the british army.  Running was like an escape, since then I just love everything about running.  I dont really specialize in a certain field.  It's more like any surface any distance with me. I just love running, whether its 5k on the track or a 24hr offroad race.

What are your personal bests?

5K        15:35

10k      31:58

1/2     70:38

What have you been doing during lockdown?

I try and see the positives in a bad situation. Due to Covid-19, events were cancelled. Although this is a shame, it allowed me to run for my community and raise money for the NHS, to do this I ran every street of my home town within a week, This was 166.75 miles  and was a great way to not only keep me active, but to help lift morale in my local town and to add to the community spirit. I also completed an ridgeway back2back FKT. Which was such an experience.

I enjoyed training during lockdown, I discovered a few new local tracks that opened up some more trails to me. It only took 5 years to realise that they were there. I honestly found training worked well for me. I was fortunate to be furloughed. Thus gave me plenty of time to train, recover and of course spend lovely quality time with my family.

How have you found being an ambassador for XMiles?

I was honoured and delighted to be asked to be part of this team. Everyone brings a different element and experience to the team. 

What do you have planned for the future?

I would love to attack the ridgeway again. I feel the course suits me. I also aiming to prepare for a 24hr event in Belfast next year. 

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