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COROS Firmware Update - November 2022

COROS Firmware Update - November 2022

Be one of the first users to experience your personalized "Effort Pace" along with other new features in CORS' latest Firmware Update. Change the way you train by signing up for their Public Beta Firmware testing that is currently live.

Click below for your early access.

Effort Pace is Now Personalized

A first-of-its-kind metric, now Effort Pace considers your historical data to create a personalized and actionable data point for you to use during your runs. Measuring efficiency running up and downhill rather than relying directly on pace, this metric gives you a deeper and more meaningful insight into your training effort across multiple terrains. Take your training from the road, to the trails, and beyond with Effort Pace.

Available for PACE 2, APEX Pro, APEX 2/2 Pro, and VERTIX 1/2

Indoor Climbing Mode

Next time you show up at the gym don't tell your climbing buddies about the 15 ft. whipper last Tuesday... show them your data!

The local climbing gym will never be the same with the addition of our Indoor Climbing mode. Track indoor lead climbing, top-roping, and bouldering with metrics such as Route Count, Route Grade, Route Falls, Max Fall Height, and more, along with providing you with unique ways to record your climbing results.

Available for PACE 2, APEX Pro, APEX 2/2 Pro, and VERTIX 1/2

APEX 46 & 42mm Compatible with POD 2

With the latest firmware release, APEX 46mm and 42mm are now Effort Pace (non-personalized due to internal storage limitation) equipped, and compatible with the all-new COROS POD 2. A lightweight, water-resistant watch accessory that clips onto your shoe or waistband for next-level running data accuracy.

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