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Why Goodr Sunglasses?

Why Goodr Sunglasses?

Goodr are the perfect sunglasses for any runner, cyclist, or adventurer out there! With their funky names and sleek designs, Goodr are all about creating fashionable and fun sunglasses that are most importantly affordable for any athlete.

Engineered in California, these sporty sunglasses are taking the world by storm. You can pick yourself up a pair from XMiles UK today.


All Goodr sunglasses comes in a snazzy little box with a pouch and a care guide. Depending on the collection you purchased from, your box could be themed around that collection. For example, all glasses from the ‘Tropical Opticals’ collection came in a tropical themed box (see image below).

Goodr Tropical Opticals Packaging

If you ordered original Goodr glasses, you will receive everything in the image above although your box and pouch will be white and aquamarine.


The main problem with ‘sports’ sunglasses currently is that they are expensive and over engineered. Goodr’s solution is simple, they are affordable, very stylish and all about maximum performance! 

No Slip – Goodr use special coating to create more grip on the sunglasses frame. This helps stop your shades from slipping when you’re sweating. Perfect for those hot summers’ day runs.

No Bounce – The Goodr sunglasses frame is a very snug and light-weight design. This is a comfortable fit and prevents your glasses from bouncing whilst out on your session.

All Polarized – Goodr sunglasses come with glare-reducing, polarized lenses. They also have UV400 protection that stops 100% of all those damaging UVA & UVB rays which damage your eyes.

Goodr lenses

Goodr sunglasses are the perfect shade solution for any athlete. Whether you run, cycle, adventure, hike, walk or anything else that requires a pair of shades, Goodr have the pair for you!


Goodr have a wide variety of different styles for you to choose from. However, don’t fear, all shades feature their no slip, no bounce, and all polarized benefits. The main difference between the styles is how the actual sunglass design looks. Take a browse through the different styles and find the one that suits you most.


The OGs are Goodr’s signature line of shade, and their most classic looking shade. This is for anyone looking for the perfect partner to take out on your sunny runs.


Goodr OG


Goodr Mach Gs are a classic aviator style shade. They are made to give you the speed if you feel the need.

Goodr Mach G


Goodr created the Circle Gs to make you look good, and fit comfortably on your face. No matter what you’re doing, whether it’s watering your garden or racing in the London Marathon, these will help you perform to your fullest.

Goodr Circle G


This is the future of sunglasses, the VRGs. This glare-reducing polarized lens that won’t slip or bounce during your next session is perfect for all kinds of activities. Whether that’s going back to the future, or training for your next race, the choice is yours!

Goodr VRG


Goodr BAMF Gs (or BFGs for short) have wider frames, longer arms and bigger lenses. Designed for bigger coverage and maximum sunglass.

Goodr BFG


Look below through our Goodr sunglasses reviews from our customers:

Dan left a ☆☆☆☆☆ star review on the OGs: Donkey Goggles - These are the best out there for the money. Lightweight and providing zero bounce, they can't be faulted. Lots of colours to choose from if you fancy colour matching with your outfit or shoes.

Andrew left a ☆☆☆☆☆ star review on the OGs: A Ginger’s Soul - Lightweight, comfortable, and cheap. Goodr do the simple things really well with their glasses.

Dan left a ☆☆☆☆☆ star review on the MACH G: Amelia Earhart Ghosted Me - Great glasses, very happy. Well packaged and arrived very quick.

Mark left a ☆☆☆☆ star review on the OGs: A Ginger’s Soul - Great pair of shades, comfortable and stylish for a pair of runners glasses. Novelty names make it fun too!

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