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Kit Care

Whether you're a hiker, triathlete, runner or a cyclist, it's important to keep your gear clean and fresh to extend its lifespan and performance. At XMiles, we offer a wide range of kit care products, including sports wash, wetsuit repair, and odor eliminator, to help you keep your gear in top condition.
  • Grangers Accessories Other Active Wash - 750ml XMiles

    Active Wash - 750ml


    Washing your sports clothing, base layers and activewear with Grangers Active Wash improves its ability to wick away sweat - keeping you dry and gi...

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  • Gear Aid

    Zipper Stick


    Maintain your airtight and watertight zips. Perfect for Cargo Fly T-Zips and or any other zipper. Use Zipper Lubricant Stick to ensure the zippers...

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