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The "Don't Be Sh*t!" Series - What is this?

The "Don't Be Sh*t!" Series - What is this?

Steve Way here, new boy at XMiles!

These days I'm best known as "Chief Cardboard Squasher" with the team at Wimborne HQ and more of a social runner, but back in the day I used to take the sport a little more seriously and was a pretty decent runner at the marathon and ultra distances.

Looking back at my running career (which I do more and more the slower I get) the highlights would have to be:

  • The Commonwealth Games 2014 Marathon (2:15:16)
  • British Road 100K record (6:19:20 which I still hold to this day)
  • 3rd place finish at the South African Comrades Ultra Marathon in 2018.

During those "good old days" I used to be known for my mantra of...

Don't be Sh*t

A relative term that all runners should aspire to which means to try and always be your best and don't come up short to your own potential, there was even a t-shirt at one point...

Through this series of blogs I'll try and pass on some of the knowledge I picked up along the way, surely I learnt something running those 60,000 training miles.

If you're interested in not being sh*t, then read through some of my stories below:

Vol.1 - Training & Racing in Hot Weather

Vol.2 - Upping the Mileage

Vol.3 - Marathon Build Up (2 Months Out)

Vol.4 - Comrades Marathon

Vol.5 - Marathon Build Up (1 Month Out)

Vol.6 - Marathon runner or Ultra runner

Vol.7 - Marathon Build Up (Final Week)

Vol.8 - Post Marathon Options & Motivation

Vol.9 - Running in the Cold

Vol.10 - The Long Run

Vol. 11 - Steve Way’s five rules to running success

Vol. 12 - Stretching the Truth

Vol. 13 - New Year Goals

Vol. 14 - Notes to a New Runner

Vol. 15 - Staying Motivated

Vol. 16 - Pain

Vol. 17 - What’s the point in racing?

Vol. 18 - Finding the Time

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