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The "Don't Be Sh*t!" Series - Steve Way’s five rules to running success

The "Don't Be Sh*t!" Series - Steve Way’s five rules to running success


If it wasn't for the fact that it would make for a very boring article I'd fill up all 5 points with consistency, it's that important!

If you want to get anywhere near your potential then commitment is essential, aerobic improvements take years of training so keep your mileage up all year round with just the odd week off if required.


Don't worry, I'm not going to suggest you need to run 140 miles a week like me!

However, most runners underestimate what their bodies are capable of in terms of training volume. Cautious increases can lead to new levels you thought you would never be capable of.

This is especially important for runners that don't supplement their running with other forms of aerobic exercise. 

Core Strength & Stability

Can you stand on one leg with your eyes closed without wobbling? If you have just fallen over then you need to work on your core stability!

Yoga, Pilates, circuit training or even just the odd "plank" will all help to build that strong core that will make you a more efficient and faster runner.


There is no point committing 100% to your training and then not looking after your body. Recover and adapt quickly from your training by getting consistent good quality sleep and fueling yourself sensibly. Eat as clean as you can, get the fruit and veg in and keep the treats to a minimum!

Get out of your comfort zone!

I hate 5000m track races but there I was last week racing against kids half my age in the British League as I know it's important to keep up my speed work even though I'm training for the World 100km. Mix things up with some roads races, track, cross-country, parkruns and trail as it will all benefit your running.

Tip of the Month

Don't give in to fatigue to quickly

Experimenting with slightly higher mileage than normal but finding that you are really tired?

The natural reaction is to assume it's too much and back off but be patient. A few more weeks at a similar level and your body will learn to adapt and it will start to feel easier, I promise!

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