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The "Don't Be Sh*t!" Series - Finding the Time

The "Don't Be Sh*t!" Series - Finding the Time

How many times have you used the "I didn't have the time" excuse to explain that missing run from your training diary?

I suspect more often than required, as with a bit of creativity there is normally a way to fit one into the busiest of schedules...

The obvious solutions for making time are to either get up that little bit earlier for a pre-breakfast run or combine your session with a commute to work.

However, if that's not possible or you just simply aren't a morning person like me then you are going to have to be a little bit more creative.

My biggest tip for the busy runner is to always have an "emergency kit bag" in the car to take advantage of those unexpected windows of opportunity, how many times have you thought to yourself... If only I had my trainers with me! 

If you're a dad then you probably spend lots of time in the car, shuttling kids back and forth. If you find yourself with a small block of time in between pick-ups and drop-offs, then use it for a run rather than heading home for a bit.

Combining kids activities with running can also work well, running around the sports field while they are at football practice or investing in a baby stroller to get out of the house with the younger ones are just a couple of options.

If the opportunity does arise but you are limited to half an hour then make it count.

A warm up, 20-minute tempo effort and warm down is always a worthwhile session.

Getting to bed a little earlier to ensure you are up for that early morning run or dropping that weekly TV series you only watched because the wife does maybe a couple of easy sacrifices to also allow you to stick to the training plan...

However you manage it, ensuring you maintain the consistency in your training is the number one way to help you reach your potential so don't forget, every run counts!


One of the simplest, but most worthwhile sessions I do which can fit into any training plan is the progressive tempo run.

You can personalise the total distance and target pace to fit your own level but I often do a 10 mile run starting at an easy pace and then making each mile faster with the aim of finishing at 10km pace.

A great way to work all your systems and also practice pace control.

Tip of the Month


Been slack with your core work and stretching routines?

As a bare minimum do a set of plank intervals every day. Just a 10-min routine including front and side planks with leg movement separated by 30 second rests can go a long way to building that core strength without taking up much time.

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