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Magsmay and Jana take on the Epic 360 Menorca

Magsmay and Jana take on the Epic 360 Menorca

When XMiles | SNB UK ambassador Magsmay and her best pal Jana (@friendsfortrail) asked nutrition support to tackle the Epic 360 Menorca the XMiles team wanted to here more.....

And what we heard was 'Take one island, three stages, an epic adventure trail run covering 157 km on the 8th, 9th & 10th March 2019'. The answer was YES!

A Team challenge - Participation is solely by teams of two people: mixed, men and women. Adding to the challenge it was the pairs first multi-stage race, Magsmay reached out to us 'I am running this as a team with my friend, it's a self supported race which means we will have to carry all our own food and drinks, would it be possible to get some support for the race?'

They needed various nutrition to cover the challenges they would face running over three days (46km-58km per day) and of course Squirrel's Nut Butter for our skin and Happie toes to keep their feet in order!

The pair were running this as part of their project @friendsfortrail - check it out here


So what did they need? These brief was to stick with the brands the team currently use, but happy to test out new  flavour.  But avoiding new product, as trying something new during a race is a bit risky in case it doesn’t work for them...... they are also Vegan so would need to be natural products.

Here are the links to the products we use:

What did they take;

Magsmay talks us through the the race fuelling;

The race was three days, three distances ranging from 46km-58km so the nutrition they used needed to have a high amount of calories, taste good, replace salts and electrolytes and they needed to find it easy to swallow. We used GU Energy Gels as these are extremely tasty and easy to digest, they are quick to open so I could manage to eat these on the go rather than stopping all the time and they account to 100 calories which made it easy to keep track of what we were consuming.

Along side the gels we used GU Stroopwafles.... She stated a very special aid station treat 'The GU sandwich'. 'I like to eat these at the aid station and I spread my GU Gel over the top, making it into a GU sandwich which is mega tasty and high calorie! 

Clif Shot Bloks were another easy fix with a direct hit of energy, easy to chew whilst running and the Margarita flavour had high levels of sodium in them.

For after each stage of the race they had Chia Charge bars, these are a great recovery snack, easy to digest as they are light, really moist, taste good and help to replace some of the nutrients they had lost out on. 

Adventure time AND didn't they nail it - With a awesome 2nd female team for their 1st stage race. #fuelledbyxmiles.

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