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The Ultimate Gear Guide for Trail Runners

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The Ultimate Gear Guide for Trail Runners

Trail Running has emerged as a thriving and popular running discipline, taking place across natural off-road terrains such as sandy beaches, dirt tracks, forest trains and country foot paths.

The popularity of trail running has seen a remarkable surge in recent years, potentially fuelled by a growing interest in running as whole, especially during the pandemic. Beyond being an excellent form of exercise, trail running also offers an opportunity to immerse oneself in the beauty of nature and appreciate the surroundings.

Whether you’re a novice trail runner embarking on this exciting journey or seeking the perfect gift for a trail running enthusiast in your life, look no further. Behold our Ultimate Gear Guide, curated to enhance your trail running experience.


Typically, in trail running you will need to carry more gear with you than you would in road running. You will have less access to aid stations during races and on training runs you’re unlikely to have assistance nearby.

Therefore, the first items we’re going to talk about are running vests.

OTM Vest - Ronhill  

The OTM Vest from Ronhill is the perfect everyday lightweight running vest. The OMT vest offers a ‘second skin’ fit meaning you’ll barely even notice you’re wearing it. This practical vest adapts to fit all sizes.

Equipped with two front stash pockets designed for flasks, a convenient front zip pocket for valuables, and a generous back pocket tailored for larger items. This practical vest combines functionality with comfort, making it the perfect choice for your trail running adventures.

Evolution 7L - Instinct  

If you’re looking to go further, then the Instinct Evolution 7L is the pack for you. Offering extreme versatility and minimal body contact, the Evolution has 11 pockets and can carry all your essentials and more.

Adjustable chest straps and adjustable side elastic lacing allow for a custom fit, while breathable honeycomb mesh ensures ventilation and sweat dissipation.

 See Backpacks, Bags & Belts for more.

Cups & Flasks

Staying hydrated on the trail is crucial for performance but can sometimes be more challenging than road races where aid stations are more frequent. This is why having the right hydration equipment with you should be a top priority.

ECO Soft Cup (200ml) – XMiles  

Reduce your environmental impact with the XMiles Eco Soft Cup. A collapsible reusable solution to disposable cups, these are a trail running essential.

Hydra Cell (600ml)Instinct 

Soft flasks are an essential for all running disciplines. The Hydra Cell is designed to perfectly fit in your instinct vest.

See Bottles, Cups & Flasks for more options.



Socks are just as important as your shoes however they often get overlooked, especially by new runners. Take our word for it, an ill-fitting sock can cause blisters- not ideal on a long trail run.

Injinji Trail Midweight Crew 

The Injinji toe socks are a staple amongst runners of all disciplines, favoured for their blister preventing design. The Trail socks are the perfect midweight, cushioned to protect your feet out on the trail. Made from Injinji’s COOLMAX® fabric to keep feet cool and dry.

Crew Socks - Moggans 

Designed and tested in Scottland, Moggans socks provide all day comfort and are tough enough to endure whatever the weather throws at you.

Moggans socks contain Merino Wool, providing optimum moisture management, high breathability, and temperature control- making these socks ideal for the trail.

Blister Resist Quarter Running SocksBalega 

Like we said before, a blister can ruin any run. That’s why the Blister Resist running socks from Balega will be your best friend on the trails.

Combining nature and technology, the blister resist socks are made from a blend of mohair fabric and ‘Drynamix’. They keep feet cool in the summer, warm in the winter, and dry always.


Sports watches are popular amongst runners, cyclist, and swimmer a like. However, a GPS watch can be vital during trail running, helping you stay on track especially in unfamiliar territory.

Pace 3 Premium GPS Sport Watch

Experience unmatched performance, extended battery life, and uncompromised comfort with the COROS PACE 3. Crafter to perfection, the Pace 3 is designed to seamlessly bend into your everyday routine whilst elevating your fitness journey.

With 38 hours of continues GPS usage the Pace 3 will keep you connected wherever the trail takes you.

APEX 2 Pro GPS Sports Watch 

Designed for extreme conditions and rugged terrain, the robust yet light APEX 2 Pro GPS Outdoor Watches are built with revolutionary technology to help you achieve your most ambitious goals.

For the Apex 2 Pro COROS have redesigned the GPS antenna for an enhanced performance and navigation experience.


Keeping You Safe

Last but not least, for trail running it is always important to think about safety, especially if you’re running alone and possibly in more rural areas.

While your GPS watch will hopefully keep you from getting lost in the daylight, its ability to help you find your way in the dark may be slightly limited.

This is why its important to remember to take a torch or headlamp, especially when running in the winter when the sun sets earlier, it can get very dark very quickly in wooded areas.

Lightbender- Arm Light


If you were to get lost or in trouble out on the trail then carrying something like the Instinct Safety Stash Pack could be vital. The pack contains a safety whistle to attract attention and an aluminium safety blanket to keep you warm should you have to sit and wait for help.


Hopefully this guide will help you choose the best no-nonsense essentials for your next trail running adventure, we don’t recommend stuff you don’t need! Happy trail running!

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