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4th place @run24uk Mizuno Endure 24 trail race with Team Profeet @profeetcustom

4th place @run24uk Mizuno Endure 24 trail race with Team Profeet @profeetcustom

Team Profeet @profeetcustom

I was fortunate enough to be asked to join Team Profeet in last weekends (Jun 13/14 2015) mixed 6-8 team at Mizuno Endure 24 trail race @run24uk.  This was the second year in a row Team Profeet have entered a team after 2014 success seeing the Profeet team won their category (Men’s teams of 3-5).  

With unfortunate injuries to the original team I happily accepted a place originally in a Men’s 3-5 team, however the team needed to make further changes in the final weeks and a decision was to race as a mixed team of 8. The team came home in 4th place overall – a fantastic result, particularly given that some of the final team members only stepped in to cover injuries at the last minute (final week).


205 miles in 24 hours

The team covered a distance of 205 miles in 41 laps over 24 hours starting at 12:00 Saturday 13th June finishing Sunday 14th June, Profeet finished in 4th out of 159 teams in the Mixed team 6 -8 category.  As a team of 8, the Profeet team was made up of four guys and four girls.  Due to how the teams were allowed to be structured most of the other teams were set-up comprising six guys and two girls, showing the amazing effort overall by the team.

Profeet team

The full Profeet team was Anthony Clark, Andes Chau, Max Wilcocks, Richard Felton, Rebecca Cox, Claire Shelley, Gemma Carter and Leah Kenny.

It was a totally different running experience, and being part of a fantastic team taking the lead and final legs I managed to complete a total of 6 laps with splits 30:16, 30:17, 30:49, 32:18 (Night), 31:18, 30:55 minutes on an undulating mixed terrain the 4.9 mile loop.

It was not all plain sailing and at different stages it was tough getting going again with each break of approximately 4.5 \ 5 hours making eating, sleeping and preparing for each lap a task in itself, especially for legs at 01:51 and 06:54 on Sunday morning.


Team Profeet still holds the record (Male teams 3-5) and will be back in 2016 with plans to take back their 2014 crown.

Article Author

Anthony Clark

Anthony is part of the XMiles team, with a marathon PB of 02:30:06. He represents Bournemouth AC. Currently recovering from injury Anthony is planning an Autumn target marathon.

Follow Anthony on Twitter @fragilerunner and Power of 10
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