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Welcome to the new Website

Welcome to the new Website

Exciting times! If your a regular visitor to you should notice everything looks different.  Don't worry all our great functionality is still here but hopefully you will enjoy navigating the new look site.

In this blog we will document the changes and new features, please bear with us as we have made a number of changes to the structure of site navigation menus, pages and included new features to make your time on the site a more enjoyable experience.

First off, the new look; Homepage


Speed and Performance

Hopefully you will find the new site loading time is much improved from the old site, this was a key issue that we wanted to address with the upgrade.

Menus - Mega Menus

Another big change is the drop down menus, we like to call them the mega menus.  They are designed to make finding products easier.  We have 6 drop down main menus Nutrition, Body \ Skin Care, Accessories, Training \ Recovery Equipment , Apparel and Shop by Brands. Under each menu we have built new navigation to help you find the products you need.

Please let us know if you find something missing we are currently updating all the products to display in the correct menus


Live chat is available, just click the orange bubble at the bottom right corner of the screen.


Product Page

So there are a number of key changes here;

Buy Buttons - The layout is designed to make it easier for quick checkout, with the Buy Button, plus the original add to cart functionality.

Stock - Stock level indicator to display latest up to date stock availability.

Quantity Discounts - Across the site single products are grouped together to enable quantity discount savings, they table on the product page will display the price breaks for the product you are viewing.

Reviews - On the left hand of the page under product description we are displaying the Customer Reviews, these are great to see what other customer think of a product. PLUS if you write a review you will earn 25 XPoints per review for your loyalty balance.


Subscribe & Save - On certain products you will also have the ability to subscribe to a monthly, bi-monthly or three month subscription, not only do you save 10% on the subscription order but you will also get your nutrition delivered hassle free.  You can also Skip a month, cancel or change your subscription products at any time with NO hidden frees or charges.

Read more HERE

If a product you want on subscription is missing please send us a message and we can get it added into the scheme.

Quantity Discounts

Mix and match your nutrition brands, flavours and earn discounts based on total order quantity - XMiles Quantity Discounts Gels reward total order quantities across all brands in selected ranges.

Just add your mix of gels as normal from the products pages, you can view the price breaks on the product page in the Quantity Discounts table;

Read more HERE

Quantity Discounts

 OK that now we will keep adding to this blog as we run through our Go-Live starting Thursday 4th June.  Any questions hit the chat button or send the team an e-mail

We hope you enjoy the new site

The XMiles Team

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