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Why use Spektrum sunglasses?

Why use Spektrum sunglasses?

Spektrum was born in the mountains and our name stems from how the prism breaks the sun’s rays into different wavelengths and colors. By filtering out some of these wavelengths we achieve specifical adapted visual perception for certain realities we encounter on the mountain. Bright sunlight, whiteout, artificial light, dusk and dawn. Spektrum is not only our name, it’s our most important tool.


The ever-ongoing quest to make our products even more sustainable was the spark that ignited the RAW concept. We first introduced it for goggles in F/W 21/22 and now add performance eyewear styles Blank and Blankster to the program. Applying our plant-based materials in their raw form without any dye gives an undeniably honest and fundamentally natural appearance, beautifully contrasted by the striking and hi-performing, allnew, bio-based gold lens from Zeiss.


We dare say that the RAW Series is the most environmentally conscious performance eyewear ever made - without sacrificing performance or functionality! For RAW Performance Eyewear Series we introduce a brand-new lens from renowned Carl Zeiss Optics that is constructed from bio-based nylon with significantly lower impact on the planet compared to conventional lenses.


The dye and paint are also completely left out of the frame to avoid any non-essential chemicals in the product as painting and dyeing is a significant part of a product’s eco footprint. Applying our bio-based frame material in it’s raw form gives an undeniably honest and fundamentally natural, cool look.

The castor oil-based frame material outperforms conventional materials with its light weight and outstanding durability and a bio-based clear spare lens for low-light missions is included for a complete package. As is a soft case, made in collaboration with Woolpower and consisting of recycled wool that will keep your shades comfy in transit to have them last as long as possible.


The foundation of our products lays in excellent and clean functional design with high quality in materials, details and finish. We aim to always do better than your expectations and always in the most sustainable way available to us.

We design all our products at our office in Åre with a distinct Spektrum aesthetic. A crisp, fresh and smart style that has durable performance as its primary objective and that never compromise on functionality.

Spektrum products are always functional, stylish and long lasting.


We always strive to make Spektrums products more sustainable and that has led us to the use of bio-based materials derived from plants for our production.

For our Performance Eyewear collection this means constructing our frames in polyamide made from oil extracted from the amazing castor bean. Our high-performance frames are made mainly from castor oil and reduces the overall CO2 emissions by an impressive 46% compared to conventional materials. The carbon in castor oil is also 100% derived from atmospheric CO2 and not from CO2 locked in ancient fossils. Our material is also lighter and more durable than comparable materials delivering increased performance and comfort.

Castor beans are a fantastic crop, able to thrive in meager soils where other plants won’t survive, or animals can graze. Our castor beans are fully traceable, sustainably grown in India and poses no competition with food, causes no deforestation or use any GMO.

Spektrum Sunglasses Sustainability


Our vision is to become the world’s most sustainable performance eyewear brand and by doing so give you a better – and cleaner way to enjoy nature. Ambitious, we know, but the way we see it there is really no alternative.

Spektrum Sunglasses

Having lived our whole lives in the mountains we have seen the impact mankind has had on our nature firsthand and we are determined to minimize the footprint of our actions. To achieve our vision, we work closely together with Sweden’s leading scientists and the Sports Tech Research Center at Mid Sweden University.

Together we strive to find the best possible substitutes for harmful plastics and polymers as well as other better, more sustainable solutions. Giving us all a cleaner way to enjoy the mountains.

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