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What's the deal with real food?

What's the deal with real food?

In recent times, there has been a noticeable shift in sports nutrition, as more and more athletes are choosing real food-based alternatives like energy gels, energy bars, and energy drink powders over the traditional processed products.

Fuel with 100% Real Food, this trend is due to the benefits of using minimally processed, whole food ingredients to fuel workouts becoming increasingly recognised. 

In this article, we'll explore the benefits of using real food for sports nutrition and find out what's the deal with real food. 

Benefits of Real Food Sports Nutrition

There are several benefits to using real food-based sports nutrition products.

One of the primary advantages is the nutritional value of whole, minimally processed ingredients. Real food-based products often contain a wider range of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants than their processed counterparts, which can help to support overall health and performance.

Another benefit of real food sports nutrition is the potential for improved digestion and absorption. Many athletes struggle with digestive issues when using processed sports nutrition products, which can impact their ability to perform at their best. Real food products, on the other hand, are often easier on the digestive system and can be absorbed more efficiently, providing the body with the energy it needs to perform. 

Real food products can offer a more satisfying and enjoyable experience than processed products. Athletes may find that real food-based gels, bars, and powders taste better and are more satisfying than their processed counterparts, which can help to improve overall performance.

Finally, using real food-based sports nutrition can also have environmental and ethical benefits. Many athletes are concerned about the impact that processed sports nutrition products can have on the environment, as well as the potential ethical issues surrounding the use of certain ingredients. Real food-based products are often more environmentally sustainable and can be made with ethically sourced ingredients, providing athletes with a more responsible option.

There are many compelling reasons to consider using real food-based sports nutrition products, Spring Energy, Huma Energy, 33Fuel, Trail Butter, and Muir Energy are some of the leading brands in this movement towards real food-based sports nutrition.

With their nutritional benefits, improved digestion and absorption, satisfying taste, and potential ethical advantages, these products are worth considering for athletes looking to optimize their performance while maintaining a healthy and responsible lifestyle.

The Future of Sports Nutrition

Sports nutrition is an important aspect of athletic performance and recovery. While traditional sports nutrition has relied heavily on processed products like gels, bars, and powders, there is a growing trend towards real food-based alternatives. Now athletes are recognising the benefits of using minimally processed, whole food ingredients to fuel their workouts, and races.

Real food sports nutrition offers many advantages, including improved digestion and absorption, sustained energy, and better overall health. By choosing products made with real food ingredients, athletes can fuel their bodies with the nutrients they need to perform at their best.

While there is still much to learn about the benefits of real food sports nutrition, it is clear that this approach has the potential to revolutionize the way we fuel our bodies during exercise.

Ultimately, the choice of sports nutrition products will depend on individual preferences and needs.

However, it is important to consider the quality of the ingredients and the potential health benefits when choosing sports nutrition products. Whether you opt for traditional processed products or real food-based alternatives, it is important to remember that sports nutrition is just one aspect of a healthy and balanced diet. By combining proper nutrition with regular exercise and rest, athletes can achieve their goals and perform at their best.

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