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Beginner Kayaking Tips for First-Timers

Beginner Kayaking Tips for First-Timers

Every day more and more people and athletes are interested in kayaking. We have analyzed and described some useful tips to enjoy an excellent experience. This will avoid some beginner mistakes and provide a more enjoyable experience from the beginning. 

To complement the experience, we also incorporate the main benefits of this sport. This allows you to understand why more and more people choose kayaking as their main activity every day.

Benefits of the Kayaking - 

Kayaking is one of the most chosen sports by active people who want to enjoy a trip in a natural environment. Before giving some useful tips, we should analyze the main benefits of this sport. Both athletes and people who do not do much sport can count on the following benefits.

  • Excellent for weight loss: A person can burn up to almost 500 calories for every hour of rowing at a speed of 5 miles per hour. This is essential and is a great alternative to classic exercises such as running or walking. Performing a minimum of 30 minutes will be enough to complement a healthy diet. 
  • Muscle strengthening: The upper and lower body muscles are strengthened by kayaking. When the person decides to choose waters with a certain level of difficulty, muscle strengthening is more intense and successful. 

Kayaking Tips

  • Increased endurance: Muscles and the body cannot only be strengthened through muscle growth. Kayaking makes it possible to optimize the body's endurance. This is achieved with an intermediate level of difficulty by incorporating this activity three times a week. Along with endurance, an increase in energy is also obtained. 
  • Optimization of Vitamin D: Vitamin D is one of the essential components for the well-being of any human organism. Vitamin D can only be obtained through direct sunlight in most cases. Kayaking allows you to be exposed to the sun and obtain an excellent amount of vitamin D. 
  • Stress reduction: This sport offers not only bodily but also mental benefits. Stress reduction is one of the most important benefits for most people. Not only is mental well-being obtained, but also a decrease in the probability of suffering from certain diseases. 
  • Increased release of positive hormones: Doing this sport means enjoying some positive neurotransmitters such as serotonin, norepinephrine, dopamine, and endorphins. All these chemicals are released with this sport and help achieve happiness in one way or another.

  • Improved thinking and memory: This physical exercise or sport can improve mental abilities such as reasoning skills and memory. Verbal memory or learning ability are improved thanks to the brain's good functioning of blood vessels. 
  • Better sleep quality: A person who performs this physical exercise will have the possibility to enjoy a more restful and deep sleep. Expending an excellent amount of energy in this sport will allow a deeper sleep during the night. Undoubtedly this means a restful sleep and more energy for the next day.

Main Tips for Beginners Kayaking -

Those interested in kayaking can follow the following tips and enjoy a positive experience. This will allow people to enjoy a kayaking trip without a professional guide. 

  • Calculate the distance of the trip: To start with a good experience, it is not recommended to make an expedition. This means that the total time the person should repair should be under 2 hours. This time can be more than enough to adapt to the kayak and each of the important aspects of the trip. 
  • Start downwind: One of the worst situations for a tired kayaker is coming back downwind. Starting downwind will allow anyone to move forward with more energy. Even the return will be much easier, and in many cases, the kayaker will not need to paddle with enough wind. 
  • Choosing the right weather: People may encounter unexpected wind on their trip. It is much more advisable to choose a windless climate with good sunshine. This provides greater comfort and avoids all kinds of complications during the trip. 
  • Choose a good sandy beach: To start the trip, it is recommended to choose a sandy beach with a gentle slope and without complications. It can be a bad start to choose a sandy beach with rocks, with a muddy or steep coastline. This can be a subtle detail until you are faced with these complications. 
  • Choose a low level of water difficulty: Bodies of water such as a river, lagoon, lake, or other options are classified into difficulty levels. Starting in this activity with a calm body of water with little movement is a good option. Experience may provide the possibility of choosing more difficult and challenging bodies of water. 

Final Words - 

Kayaking can be an enjoyable experience or a challenging activity. The difference is in each trip, as no two experiences are the same. Beginners can choose these tips as the main ones to enjoy an experience without major inconveniences. They will also be able to enjoy the best benefits of this activity.

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