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ACP 2019 Preview + 100k Nutrition

ACP 2019 Preview + 100k Nutrition

As we approach the Anglo Celtic Plate (ACP) we preview the 2019 event and take a look at the teams, even though Anthony from XMiles is not racing this year, his focus instead set for running the Comrades Marathon for the International Nedbank team, we have significant interest with two of our ambassadors racing for both England and Scotland and XMiles customers racing for England, Scotland and Wales.

The Event - Perth, Scotland

The ACP was the brain child of John Foden, John established a 100km road event in 1993, utilising the traffic free paths of Holme Pierrepoint Park, Nottingham.   His aim was to create a platform whereby every year, the British Isles had an event where promising ultra-runners had the opportunity to represent their own country and to compete against one another.

This year’s home nations international returns to Perth, Scotland the location of the 2016 event.  The Perth event will take place on Sunday 24 March and will feature both the British and Scottish 100K road championships for 2019. The races starts at 7am on a traffic-free loop course at the North Inch Park on the banks of the River Tay. The loop is measured by the IAAF at 2.381K and offers the perfect opportunity for fast times and PBs.

The 100km is understood to be the only certified accurate 100K road event in 2019 in the UK. It is a perfect opportunity for experienced ultra runners and marathoners to challenge themselves over the internationally recognised distance of 100K.


The Teams

England - Team Leader: Walter Hill - Team Coach: Darren Reevell

XMiles ambassador Charlie Harper represents England for the first time, along  with 2016 Champion and XMiles customer Melissa Venables heading up the womans team. 



  • Betty Bohane (Club: Royston)
  • Melissa Venables (Club: Spa Striders, Coach: Les Barnett)
  • Sophie Carter (Club: Woodstock)

Scotland - Team Managers: Debbie Martin-Consani and Val Macaulay

Lead by XMiles ambassador Debbie Martin-Consani the Scotland team features  reining British 100k Champion, winner of the Anglo Celtic Plate 2018 and XMiles ambassador Rob Turner, who is joined by GB 24 hour and XMiles customer James Stewart.


  • James Stewart (VP Glasgow)
  • Kyle Greig (Metro Aberdeen)
  • Robert Turner (Edinburgh AC)
  • Alastair Higgins (Dublin Bay)
  • Dave Ward (Hunters Bog Trotters)


  • Sophie Mullins (Fife AC)
  • Morgan Windram (Fife AC)
  • Lynne Allen
  • Joanna Murphy (Carnegie Harriers)


The Welsh Athletics team features two XMiles customers, previous ACP 2016 Silver medallist Daniel Weston and returning to ACP, Nathan Flear.


  • Dan Barnett (Hereford Couriers RC)
  • Nathan Flear (3M Gorseinon)
  • Jeremy Mower (Gloucester)
  • Jason Scanlon (Pontypridd Roadents)
  • Daniel Weston (Wrexham) 


  • Gemma Wathan (Eryri Harriers)
  • Jayne Angilley (Cornwall AC)

Fuelling 100k on the Road -  Nutrition

Two time British 100k Championship silver medallist and current M40 100k World Champion Anthony Clark looks to explains nutrition for 100k road racing.

Nutrition \ Fuel

So a brief insight into race day nutrition, including lessons learnt from racing 100k in 2016, 2017 and 2018. The plan will always be prepared depending on the route. So, with 100k road races the route is normally a shorter loop or out and back with aid stations varying from between 2.5k and 5k apart.  You will need to tailor your nutrition for the event specific setup.

The key with 100k fuelling is little and often to ensure a steady feed of carbohydrates and electrolytes without shocking your body or leaving yourself in a position where depletion kicks in and the dreaded crash happens.  Always prep to have extra fuel available, better to be over stocked at each aid station even if you don’t plan to use it, something I learnt in 2017 in a warm Hull and a last 15k with no fluid! Believe me I could have done with some more hydration over that last 15k!

Over the past 3 100k's I have raced, I have modified my plan but below is a summary using a 3.5k aid station route as per World 100k 2018 course.  


The following products are my recommended choices for fuelling;

Night before Evening Meal + Mountain Fuel Night Fuel
Breakfast Breakfast (Small Portion) \ GU Stroopwafel + 500ml Drink Mix (to be sipped between breakfast and 1 hour pre-race)) 


Lap Distance Approx Time Aid Station
Start 0k Gel + Saltstick
1 2.5k Jelly | 1/2 Pack Chews
h\w 6.25k Jelly | 1/2 Pack Chews
2 (7.5k) 10k 00:40:00 250ml Drink Mix (Half Serving)
h\w 13.75k Jelly | 1/2 Pack Chews
3 (7.5k) 17.5 01:10:00 250ml Drink Mix (Half Serving)
h\w 21.25k Jelly | 1/2 Pack Chews
4 (7.5k) 25k 01:40:00 250ml Drink Mix (Half Serving)
h\w 28.75k Jelly | 1/2 Pack Chews
5 32.5k 02:10:00 250ml Drink Mix (Half Serving)
h\w 35.25k Jelly | 1/2 Pack Chews
6 40k 02:40:00 250ml Drink Mix (Half Serving)
h\w 43.75k Jelly | 1/2 Pack Chews
7 47.5k 03:10:00 250ml Drink Mix (Half Serving) + Saltstick Cap
h\w 51.25k Jelly | 1/2 Pack Chews
8 55k 03:40:00 250ml Drink Mix (Half Serving)
h\w 58.75 Jelly | 1/2 Pack Chews
9 62.5 04:09:00 250ml Drink Mix (Half Serving)
h\w 66.25 Jelly | 1/2 Pack Chews
10 70 04:40:00 250ml Drink Mix (Half Serving) + Saltstick Cap
h\w 73.75 Jelly | 1/2 Pack Chews
11 77.5 05:10:00 250ml Drink Mix (Half Serving)
h\w 81.25 Jelly | 1/2 Pack Chews
12 85k 05:40:00 250ml Drink Mix (Half Serving)
h\w 88.75k Jelly | 1/2 Pack Chews
13 92.5 06:10:00 250ml Drink Mix (Half Serving)
h\w 96.25k Jelly | 1/2 Pack Chews
14 100k 06:40:00


RECOVERY - Post race it’s key to get recovery started ASAP due to the massive effect 100k has on your system, personally I make sure I have milk available so I can have a Chocolate Ultimate Recovery Fuel from Mountain Fuel drink mix made up at its most luxurious, but as a minimum having the shaker, drink mix and water ready to go should be prepped.

With the above plan I was able to keep a consistent stream of energy, enough liquid hydration that I didn't need any additional fluid and the extra SaltSticks to ensure dehydration effects did not affect my performance.  I had additional gels available to replace chews but apart from my start line Clif Double Espresso gel I stuck to energy chews.

You can also follow Anthony's build up for Comrades on his blog

Need help or race specific advice?

If you need any help with your nutrition or race planning please contact us or look at our courses and training plans 

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