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Sports Nutrition & Weight Management Course Packs

Are you new to nutrition for exercise? Do you have a big challenge or target event? Or do you have issues with your current nutrition?  Our team of Nutrition Advisers work with clients to understand the impact of nutrition for sport, exercise and activity combined with long-term weight management.

Our Nutrition and Weight Management courses are run by fully qualified Nutrition and Weight Management Advisers and are based on healthy eating habits in line with current government guidelines. Using skills and knowledge to teach clients about eating habits that will improve their sports performance, enabling control of weight management, introducing a balanced diet in line with physical activity and exercise levels, improve health and reduce a clients chances of developing a wide range of diseases.

Our course are;

  • Tailored to each individual clients needs
  • Based on Government recommendations and guidelines (NO FADDY DIETS)
  • Long-term Goal based - NOT Short-term quick fix that won't last

What is a Sports Nutrition and Weight Management Adviser…?

Sports and Exercise Advisers develop, implement, and evaluate nutritional strategies to optimise performance in sport and exercise in-line with government guidelines. They determine the energy, fluid and nutrient demands of sport and exercise and provide tailored dietary advice to amateur athletes and sports-minded clients on their nutritional needs.

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