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7 Energy Bars You Need To Try

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Clif Bar

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7 Energy Bars You Need To Try

Energy bars replenish your depleted carbohydrate stores when working out. Take a look through our recommended energy bars, whether your looking for a midday snack, or to fuel your crazy mountain bike rides!

Clif Energy Bars


Clif Bar


Available in 6 delicious flavours, the Clif Energy Bar is a popular and trusted option amongst runners, hikers and bikers. Made with wholesome plant-based ingredients such as organic rolled oats, fruits, nuts, and Rainforest Alliance Certified Cocoa, the Clif Bar is ideal for almost every diet.

  • 70% Organic plant-based ingredients.
  • B12- Aids metabolism.
  • Good source of protein & fibre- 9-11g of protein in every bar.
  • 68g Bar

Now also available as the 28g Clif Bar Mini

Chia Charge Chia Energy Flapjack


Chia Charge Chia Energy Flapjack


The Chia Flapjacks from Chia Charge have been a long term favorite among trail runners, hikers, and cyclists alike. Using only a handful of very simple ingredients that you would probably find in your own kitchen, with the addition of chia seeds. These 80g serving bars really pack a punch for such a simple product. Ideal for eating before exercise, some athletes prefer these bars to the use of energy gels, we would estimate that one bar an hour could replace up to 3-4 gels.

    • Only natural ingredients- Easy to digest and kinder on your stomach
  • No crash, balanced energy.
  • Chia seeds- Rich in fibre, anti-oxidants and minerals, Chia seeds are known for their ability to improve digestive health and in some cases lower the risk of heart disease and diabetes.
  • Also available as the 30g Chia Energy Mini Flapjack.

    OTE Anytime Bar


    OTE Anytime Bar


    Another flapjack style energy bar, the OTE Anytime bars are designed for use around training or as a health snack option. These great tasting bars are high in carbs for a real energy boost before or during training sessions as a great alternative to energy drinks and gels.  

    • 100% Natural ingredients- No artificial colours sweeteners or flavours
    • Gluten free, vegetarian, nut free (some vegan options)
    • Ideal as a snack or 1-2 hours before exercise for a carb boost.
    • Over 35g of carbs per bar- Can provide enough energy for around 30-45 minutes of moderate to high intensity exercise.
    • 62g Bar
    • 11 different flavours- something for everyone.

    TORQ Energy Bar

    Torq Bar

    From one of the longest standing nutrition brands in the UK, the TORQ Energy Bar uses a blend of glucose-derivatives and fructose, recommended by TORQ for use during longer distance exercise.

    • Low in fat
    • Moist and chewy
    • Fair trade fruit
    • Organic
    • 45g Bar- A small bar ideal for carrying in your pocket on a hike or run.
    • 4 flavours



    The BAR50 is the latest product from STYRKR and one of our new favourites. This high energy bar contains a perfect balance of carbs, protein, fat and fibre. Made from puffed rice and whole host of other natural ingredients, this bar is designed to boost energy and fight fatigue on longer adventures.  

    • Instant energy- Contains 50g of quick release carbs, 250 calories per bar.
    • Vegan society approved and made with all natural ingredients- Gentle on the stomach.
    • 3 Tasty flavours to choose from!
    • 75g Bar

    Neversecond C30 Fuel Bar

    C30 Fuel Bar

    The Neversecond C30 Fuel Bar is quickly becoming a favorite, the fuel for athletes such as Jim Wamsley the Fuel Bar is formulated for athletes in motion. Formulated using a 2:1 glucose-to-fructose carbohydrate blend, delivering 30g of fast absorbing carbohydrate. 

    • Smooth texture is easier to chew and swallow at high intensity.
    • Low in protein, fat and fiber for fast energy absorption.
    • Mild flavor easy on the stomach.

    Maurten Solid 225

    Maurten Solid 225

    The game-changing reinvention of the traditional energy bar by Maurten.  The solid is the first non-Hydrogel product, a performance-focused chewable that takes fueling to a whole new level. While it may resemble a typical bar in appearance, texture, and taste, SOLID is anything but ordinary.

    • High-carb, low-fiber fueling for optimal performance and recovery
    • Pleasant oat-and-rice-based texture and natural taste
    • Suitable as a pre-race meal alternative or as a post-session or post-race recovery snack.
    • Recommended to consume every 4 hours during ultra-long workouts

    Also available as the Solid C 225, the C is for cocoa not caffeine

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