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'On the Road' - The Project #MilesNot Limits

'On the Road' - The Project #MilesNot Limits

The Campaign

See the XMiles #MilesNotLimits project via

Launching 15th June 2016 - Deadline 09th August 2016

XMiles is looking to change the way runners and endurance sports enthusiasts think about nutrition and to promote and inform how improved nutrition from a healthy balanced diet to the correct race day nutrition can provide massive gains for all levels from being that 'running for the first time' to 'elite / top level club athletes'.

The Project

Alongside supporting local running events, XMiles has an established on-line presence with a great social community through social media channels and its 'Runners Profiles' posts giving an insight into how real runners and endurance sports athletes prepare and execute on race day. 

During late 2015 and 2016 XMiles introduced its successful pop-up store and is now ready to take the experience to the next level through the #ontheroad campaign.

What's different about us?

We are more than just a store, we are part of the community and passionate about supporting events and about the products we stock and sell to our customers. We want to educate to provide a better foundation for achieving goals and improve all round nutritional wellbeing.

What's next?

Primarily, we want to be the No.1 sports nutrition provider but, looking at the short term, this year we want to continue our growth and build long term relationships in the running community and education in nutrition focused improvements for runners. 

To continue to grow and raise awareness, we need your support.

We are asking you join our journey and be part of our build to bring the XMiles Store #MilesNotLimits. The concept is to create a mobile store that will be a hub at events where you can hang out, chat, meet others and grab something from our ranges.

The concept has been embraced by the community and we have already secured some great new brands such as 'Like The Wind Magazine' to be part of the journey.

We are running a flexible crowdfunding campaign via where you can make a pledge and receive a reward from XMiles.

We have already invested in the donor trailer, but we need support in kitting it out. So we are looking to raise £5,000 through Crowdfunder for our #ontheroad campaign.

With this we will:

With this we will:

Phase 1 - Offical Launch 31st July - Wimborne Square

 + Insulate and refresh the interior

 + Add Wrap and design to exterior 

 + Re-fit the trailer for our shop with storage, display shelving  so we can more effectively meet runners needs 

Phase 2

 + Add off-grid electrics including media facilities + chiller fridge

 + Create inside outside hub for runners

 + Add entrance awnings and rest area awning with social meeting space

How can you help?

Pledge your support by buying a reward, entering the raffle and joining the #MilesNotLimits Project

Go online and order your nutrition from our website

And in return?

Firstly our heartfelt thanks...through hard work and determination we have made this dream a reality and have grown the business to where it is today.  To take it even further and to really make a difference we need your support.

We have a great list of rewards for you to buy.  Some of them are include some exclusive benefits for yourself, others are great ways to get involved.

Go on have a look, pledge a little £5 or a lot £50.  Every pledge will make a massive difference!

Thanks from Anthony and the XMiles team
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