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TRERE Social Mask

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It could be that you are infected with Covid-19 but are not showing any symptoms. You don’t know you’re infected, so you could pass the new coronavirus on to others unnoticed.

In order to protect others from infection, you have to wear a face mask. The recommendation is for as many people as possible to wear a face mask, because this at least enables droplets and particles of mucus to be caught to some extent. The chain of infection is broken.

When sneezing, virus droplets can reach a speed of around 45 metres per second without a face mask and fly quite a long way. Generally speaking, people are infected if an infected person speaks, sneezes or coughs in their vicinity. The virus then passes through the air directly onto the mucous membranes of the other person.
Due to worldwide supply bottlenecks of medical and FFP masks and the increasing prices being charged for such masks, it is important to ensure they are primarily made available to medical personnel. This is because the recommended safety distance can rarely be maintained by those working in hospitals, homes or retirement homes.

This is the right time to take action. Break the chain with us. 



The Social Mask is not a medical product and does not provide protection from infection. By wearing it, it is possible to reduce the speed of respiratory flow and saliva/mucus droplet ejection, thereby helping to reduce the further spread of Covid-19. However, the CSocial Mask has not been shown to have any protective effect in a medical sense.

The required distance of one to two metres and regular hand washing is still the best protection from infection.


Social Mask acts as a barrier that reduces the risk of infecting others because it can shorten the range of the droplets that are ejected when people cough, sneeze and speak.

While hardly anyone in Asian cities uses public transport without a face mask, here in Europe the sight of masked people takes some getting used to. Europeans are not used to wearing masks. The right fit and a comfortable product are crucial here to promote a sense of well-being so the mask is not felt to be a foreign body.

The SOCIAL MASK is not a disposable product. Once purchased, the mask can be used again and again. Here it is important for the mask to be washed at 60° after every use. This is sufficient to eliminate pathogens. The mask is designed for personal use only: it should not be passed around within the family, for example.


The three-dimensional knitted structure is more densely knitted in the mouth and nose area: this reduces the speed of respiratory flow and saliva/mucus droplet ejection. But the UYN® Community Mask still allows you to breathe easily, so the mask can be worn during sports activities, too.

Thanks to processing with Texlyte Nano, the UYN® Community Mask is moisture-repellent. This property of the yarn is permanent and is not affected by repeated washing. Texlyte Nano does not store moisture but dries very quickly. For pleasant wear comfort. 

For Children
It’s especially difficult to explain to children why they are not allowed to touch their faces. The SOCIAL MASK is available in four sizes so it fits perfectly on small heads, too. Keeping a distance and washing your hands regularly are still crucial. 


  1. Highly elastic ergonomic nose shape
  2. Ventilation zone on the side
  3. Flexible and soft ear loops
  4. Particularly densely knitted mouth and nose sections
  5. Highly elastic band at the neck for optimum wear comfort
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