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Rawvelo x Goalspecific

Rawvelo x Goalspecific

XMiles are partnering with Rawvelo & Goalspecific, in order to keep the triathletes at Goalspecific fuelled with the all-natural fuel that is Rawvelo.

Who are Goal Specific?

The Goal Specific Team are a group of Age Group athletes of all ages and abilities, coached by Fran and Ade, working incredibly hard to achieve their goals. Ranging from Juniors through to those in their 70s, and complete novices, new to swimming and riding a bike, to Podium finishers in European, World championship events as well as local triathlon, duathlon and non multisport events.

As a team we are incredibly happy to be partnering up with Rawvelo for a number of reasons. The fact that it is a totally natural organic plant based product, with no preservatives, can help prevent any gastric issues and therefore aid endurance and performance. The packaging is also 100% recyclable, and a percentage of the sales is donated towards protecting the planet.

Goal Specific

Also, and this is pretty key, they taste really good. Both Ade and myself raced in Challenge Geraardsbergen in June 2022 using Rawvelo, and for me, despite being less than a year of out a full hip replacement, I won my Age Group, with the best run post surgery to date, and Ade had a great race considering it was his first in quite a long time! Also we had a Gold Medal at the World Championships in Montreal, a 2nd in AG in 703 Staffordshire, and a 4th overall at Cardiff Middle. And the season has only just started, so we are excited to be able to provide our athletes with the opportunity to use Rawvelo to support their performance, and thank you XMiles for working with us on this.

Who are Rawvelo?

Rawvelo provides a range of natural, plant-based nutrition for endurance athletes who are conscious of the products they consume while also considering the environmental impact of what they purchase. Choose from five great tasting, organic Energy Bars perfect for slow release energy; three organic Energy Gels - including the option of 50mg of natural caffeine; and two Hydration Drink Mix flavours featuring an optimum blend of the natural sugars and electrolytes.

All products in the range are free from preservatives, just all-natural plant-powered sports nutrition that’s easy on the stomach. What’s more, each product comes in easily recyclable packaging because our duty to the environment extends beyond the creation and consumption of our products.

The Rawvelo range is designed to assist endurance athletes in training, racing and adventure. With options for slow release carbohydrate consumption in the Energy Bars, a fast acting boost in the Energy Gels and optimum hydration in the Drinks Mix you’ve got all you need to maintain performance on even the biggest days out. The other key point is that thanks to the natural blend of organic ingredients, the range is gentler on the stomach and stokes your furnace with  the natural energy you need. 

Long distance age group triathlete Holly Mei Jones: “My downfall has always been my nutrition though and at Weymouth 70.3 in particular I really struggled with my worst GI issues. I could hardly take on any nutrition during the race, which now looking back was due to the choice of energy gels and drinks that I was taking.

“I first tried the Rawvelo gels during a hard training session and they tasted great and I didn’t have any stomach issues - and haven’t suffered since.”

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