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Why should you use Injinji Toe Socks?

Why should you use Injinji Toe Socks?

Injinji are the creators of the Performance Toe Sock. They are based in California and dedicated to the health and wellness of all things feet. Their patented, five-toe sock design improves any runners experience with their feet, by lessening the worry of discomfort, and creating more time for adventures and training.

Born in 1999, the Injinji founders had nothing more than an idea and a group of passionate visionaries. They wanted to change the way people assumed about running footwear. In 2004 Injinji went to the drawing board and started to design a toe sock that performed like a second skin for weather and utility.

Injinji Toe Socks

Since their launch, Injinji now have a wide range of active toe socks for every athlete, no matter their style or lifestyle. They were the #1 sock worn at the Western States 100-Mile from 2014 to today, and are worn by athletes such as Jil Gaitenby, Scott Dunlap and Monica Scholz to name a few.


What’s the deal with having a five-toe sock design, and how is it going to help me improve as an athlete? The toe sock allows your toes to spread-out naturally and align properly, this allows for improved stability and additional comfort whilst out running. Not only does it help with comfortability, but it also improves on the following:

  • Preventing Blisters – Friction is completely eliminated between each toe, thanks to the design of the sock. The removal of skin-on-skin friction protects your foot from blisters and hot spots, making your runs more comfortable and recovery a lot easier.
  • Total Foot Utilisation – Your toes are separated, in a natural position, making your weight distributed evenly and allowing your entire foot to be engaged in any activity you demand.
  • Moisture Management – The sock is made from a sweat-wicking material, meaning your foot will be drier and consequently more comfortable and enjoyable than usual running socks.

Injinji Toe Socks

Each toe sock is made only from the finest fibres on earth. These fibres improve the overall feel and performance of the toe sock, making the athletic experience more enjoyable for any Injinji users. So, what are the finest fibres on earth? Take a look below:

  • COOLMAX® - This is an enhanced fibre that provides moisture management and comfort. The wicking abilities of these fibres are perfect for any sport, even in the most extreme circumstances caused by any sport.

  • NüWool™ - This is Injinji's own Merino wool made from the premium Australian wool. It is compact spun to provide excellent durability and avoid itching. NüWool™ also provides all-out temperature control, odor resistance and wicks moisture away from the foot.

  • LYCRA® - This premium fibre enables flexibility and movement with its bi-directional stretch. The use of LYCRA® helps all socks hold their shape. Socks with compression have a higher LYCRA® content to aid in the recovery process.


When Injinji began there was only one toe sock with three different colours. Over 20+ years Injinji have added more lines, heights, fibres, colours and expanded their product range.

Injinji Sock Types

There is a lot of choice when it comes to Injinji toe socks, so you want to be sure to make the right one.

  • RUN - Offering ground-breaking, restriction-free movement and eliminates skin-on-skin friction, which is one of the primary causes of blisters. The five-toe sleeve design and superior fibre keep feet dry and shielded while running on any surface, at any distance.

  • TRAIL - This is the sock for long runs and aggressive hikes on rugged terrain. Injinji’s toe sock design reduces friction between the toes to help eliminate blisters, frees them to spread-out naturally, and lets you utilize your whole foot on slender, rough trails.

  • ULTRA RUN - Featuring cushioned terry throughout the entire foot, including the toes, to help soften the impact feet sustain during a run or workout. Linear knit lines on the underside of the foot offer additional arch support and a tighter fit to help eliminate friction. Light compression throughout the sock plus strategically placed mesh throughout the foot and leg offer extra ventilation and breathability.

  • ULTRA COMPRESSION - Ultra Compression toe socks feature a seamless, 200-needle count, lightweight design to reduce recovery time and muscle fatigue. Whether on a run or competing, the Ultra Compression offers graduated compression starting at the ankle and continuing through the upper leg to aid in circulation and blood flow.


David left a ☆☆☆☆☆ star review on the Injinji TRAIL Midweight Mini-Crew - I’ve struggled with blisters when running but these protect my toes and are a good thickness for trail running.

Jess left a ☆☆☆☆☆ star review on the Injinji RUN Lightweight No-Show - I have three pairs of Injinji socks, 2x compression and these smaller ones. I love them! Really big fan of the toes, they feel great. 

Azriel left a ☆☆☆☆☆ star review on the Injinji Women's RUN Lightweight No-Show - Got these as a gift for the missus... and just in time as she had a blister between toes. Running with these socks has given her comfort and reduced pain during running. She might become a convert!

Phil left a ☆☆☆☆☆ star review on the Injinji RUN Lightweight Mini-Crew - Love these socks. The separated toes mean I don't get blisters and irritation between the toes or the occasional sharp edge of a nail rubbing against another toe. Lightweight and suitable for racing.

Jess left a ☆☆☆☆☆ star review on the Injinji ULTRA COMPRESSION Over The Calf - I bought these to replace a pair of Injinji compression socks that I bought back in 2012 & have lasted this long. I love them, really comfortable and make a difference on long runs.

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