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Why do you need running gloves?

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Why do you need running gloves?

As we enter into the colder months of the year you’re probably starting to reach for your winter wardrobe, but does that include a pair of running gloves? If not, then you might be thinking what are running gloves and why do I need them?  

How are they different to regular gloves?  

Running gloves are specially designed with a few key features that make them different from the regular woolly gloves most people are familiar with. 

  • Keeping you warm: Running gloves are made thinner than other gloves using lightweight fabrics that keep you well insulated on colder days. 
  • Staying dry: One of the major differences between a standard glove and a glove designed for running is the running gloves’ ability to keep your hands dry. Often made from a moisture-wicking fabric, this is designed to pull moisture (specifically sweat) away from the body and keep your hands dry. 
  • Safety: The majority of running gloves are designed with reflective details, keeping you safe when running in lower light conditions, especially in the Autumn and Winter months. 

Why do I need them?

Our hands get colder than other parts of the body when we’re exposed to lower temperatures. This is because the body is prioritising blood flow to the core meaning blood is drawn away from our hands and feet. On top of that, the hands are a relatively small part of the body and don’t have the best circulation capability anyway. Pair these factors with dropping temperatures in the Autumn and Winter and you can imagine that running without gloves can become quite unpleasant and distracting from your workout. 

What do we recommend? 

At XMiles we stock a variety of different options from brands like Soar, Ultimate Direction & 2XU to suit all needs.

Everyday Winter Gloves

2XU Run Gloves  

These gloves are lightweight and made with a brushed thermal fabric, that is moisture-wicking and touch screen compatible so you can keep cold hands at bay all winter long.

2XU Run Gloves


High End Winter Gloves

Ultimate Direction Ultra Flip Gloves  

These running gloves are ideal for those looking for some extra warmth. Already warm and comfortable in their original form, with the addition of the easily stowable mitt they become even warmer in seconds. This extra layer is waterproof and provides additional heat with practically no extra weight or bulkiness making them perfect for all sorts of activities. Like the Soar winter gloves they are also touchscreen compatible- a pretty important feature we think.

Ultimate Direction Ultra Flip Gloves


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