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Why do you need a pair of Stance socks?

Why do you need a pair of Stance socks?

Stance have transformed boring, old socks into one of the world's most exciting accessories in less than five years. Their founders saw that socks had been ignored, taken for granted, looked over, and dismissed. By creating life into something that had been overlooked, Stance ignited a movement of art and self-expression that has drawn athletes, performers, and iconic cultural influencers to the brand.

Stance Founders

Stance launched in December 2009, with their first pair of socks retailing in late 2010 across speciality surf shops in Costa Mesa/Newport Beach border. Now Stance socks are sold in over 40 countries and at major retailers, including Bloomingdale’s and Macy’s. Kearl, one of Stance’s co-founders, said that between their launch in 2010 and 2014 they sold upwards of 15 million pairs of socks.


All run socks created by Stance involve Feel360. This is a new proprietary material which reacts with your foot to create the most comfortable atmosphere for your feet, no matter what you chuck at them.

Stance Run Socks

Stance believe in making the best, better.

This is why they have spent years examining, producing, criticizing, and testing in the hunt to create an even better sock. One that stays fresh, keeps dry, insanely comfortable and is as durable as the people who wear them.

The outcome is called Feel360. By combining their socks with Feel360, Stance socks are able to respond to the foot’s environment to reduce odour, adapt to body temperature to enhance moisture wicking, and make their already premium twisted yarns even more durable.

We launched Stance socks to the XMiles store in November 2021, with the new larger 2022 range arriving in the first half of 2022.


Running socks from Stance are like no other socks, they are specifically designed for all types of sport, especially running. Stance offer women’s and men’s running socks, with intrigue and interesting designs.

As mentioned above, Stance have integrated their Feel360 within their running socks. This technology creates a comfortable feel, silver ions (reducing odour) and boasts a breathable mesh.

They are a must have for any keen runner. Stance merges fitted design, arch support, and perfect toe closure all into one sock. If you are looking for the sock that will improve your next session and give you extra support, then you’ve found your pair!


Looking for your next pair of cycling socks? Well, you’ve found them! Stance socks offer interesting and distinctive designs combined with industry-leading performance. Their cushioning and overall feel keeps your foot comfortable during any activity, especially cycling. 

As mentioned above, Stance have integrated their Feel360 within their cycling socks. This technology creates a comfortable feel, silver ions (reducing odour) and boasts a breathable mesh, making them the perfect match for any cyclist.


Interested in owning your own pair of Stance socks, whether your running, cycling or all-out adventuring? Take a look below through the different designs Stance offer: 

Stance Crew Socks

The Stance Crew Socks combine a reinforced heel and toe fabric with their Feel360 technology to create these fitted socks. Coming just above the ankle and giving you a good level of coverage. The Stance Crew socks are perfect for any keen runner or cyclist.

Stance No Show

The Stance No Show Socks are created to be unseen when you put your shoes on. These are the lowest height available and the seam of them should sit right below the side of your trainers or shoes. Perfect for any adventurer looking for the perfect pair of no-show socks.

Stance Quarter

The Stance Quarter Socks are one level up from the No Shows. Offering a modest rise above the side of your shoes, these socks are ideal for runners. Since you get a good level of coverage as well as ultimate flexibility, the Quarter design is always a real winner. 

Stance Ankle Socks

The Stance Ankle Socks are discreet, fit well and come with some funky designs. When you’re wearing a pair of trainers, you will likely be able to see the edge of these socks right above the side of your shoes.

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