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Why Do Runners Use Watches

Why do Runners use watches?

With so much running gear available these days it’s hard to know what you need and what’s been marketed to you so well that you think you need it.

To be completely honest, not all the gear out there is necessary for every runner. However, if there’s one thing that is worth investing in, it’s a running watch.

Know someone who’s completely obsessed with theirs? Ask them why and they’ll probably give you a pretty good sales pitch on the spot. But if you’re still not convinced then let us give it a go.

We’re going to look at the features running watches have to offer, how they can benefit you in training, and if you really need one.

Sports/Running Watch Features:

Running watches have a little more to offer than your average timepiece. It is their plethora of features that has made them hugely popular amongst fitness enthusiasts as a tool for training and tracking everyday fitness.

  • Stopwatch
  • Alarm
  • Heart Rate Monitor- Allows you to keep track during training and day to day for general health.
  • GPS/Maps- For navigation.
  • Recording Workouts- These watches can record your run and upload to social sharing platforms like Strava or Nike Run Club.
  • Music- Some devices have Bluetooth connectivity allowing you to control the music for your workout from your watch.

Features will of course depend on the model/brand but most sports watches these days come with the above features as standard.

How can a sports/running watch benefit your training?

  • Data! Using a sports watch allows you to record data that will help you to better understand your body.
  • Identify patterns: Identifying patterns in your performance can help to get the most out of training sessions.
  • Motivation: Seeing your progress and PB’s recorded can be really motivating for some runners.
  • Another way sports watches can help with motivation is their ability to connect to platforms like Strava. This can be especially helpful if you train alone, posting to these sites can create a sense of community for runners and gaining recognition for your hard work can build confidence.
  • Convenience: It is possible to track all your training data manually, however this can be time consuming. Your running watch can do all this for you, faster and with increased accuracy.
  • Navigation: The GPS and maps features make for much easier navigation, especially useful for trail runners. This allows you to focus on the running and worry less about getting lost.

Do you really need a sports/running watch?

There are many purists in the running community who think tech has no place in fitness. However, we think they’re wrong.

At first you might think these all singing and dancing watches are just an example of overengineering. But have you tried using one, and do you really understand their usefulness and what they can do?

Before dismissing the running watch as another unnecessary piece of gear, borrow one from a friend, or at least do your research. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

And did you know sports watches aren’t just for runners? With a variety of activity modes, you can run, swim, ski, cycle, and more.

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