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Why Choose VOOM Nutrition?

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Why Choose VOOM Nutrition?

VOOM is a sports energy brand based on the edge of the Lake District and Yorkshire Dales - quite simply the perfect testing ground to trial new products straight from the lab door!

The brand launched in June 2019 after a two-year mission to provide a tasty, portable and stomach-friendly alternative to the sports gels. The result… the Pocket Rocket, with twice the energy and zero mess!

Voom Energy

With 20 years experience working in nutrition product development, the key areas of palatability, portion control, energy delivery, stomach comfort and handiness were the focus. VOOM Pocket Rocket energy bars deliver on every level and the feedback has been extremely positive!

What makes Pocket Rockets different to gels or other energy bars?

The speed and efficiency of energy delivery is paired with the convenience of a portable and mess-free bar. With twice the energy of a gel* Pocket Rockets are easier to use and faster acting!

The solid-form bars come in four bite-sized chunks so you can take on energy as and when you need it, we recommend one piece every 15 mins. The melt in the mouth texture of each chunk makes them easy-to-use, even at faster paces.

The texture also means glucose can be absorbed through the gums, getting to the muscles quicker than energy gels which are wholly absorbed in the small intestine which sometimes results in tummy upset...

Voom Pocket Rocket Bar

Both the portion-ability and the texture of the product contribute to improved stomach comfort by reducing the concentration of carbohydrates in the stomach at any one time.

With 40 grams of carbohydrate per bar and a range of refreshing fruity tastes from freeze-dried fruit, what’s not to love?
*Most traditional energy gels.


The Beta Blast Pocket Rocket is ideal before competition or high intensity sessions. Each bar contains 40 grams of fast-acting carbs to top up energy supplies, 150mg of caffeine to prime the body and focus the mind plus 2g of Beta Alanine (the practical required dose) to fight lactic acid build up - push harder for longer!


The Lemon & Lime Electro Energy is the go-to bar for sustained energy during prolonged exercise. With twice the energy of a gel the Electro Energy has 40g of carbohydrates per bar and 100mg of electrolytes to aid hydration. Wherever your activity takes you this portable bar is easy to use with four bite-sized chunks  - go stronger for longer!

Voom Nutrition

The Caffeine Kick is the perfect not so secret weapon for when fatigue sets in or a difficult part of the course looms. With 175mg of caffeine and 100mg of taurine this bar gives a mental and physical lift to get you home from a long ride or up a tough climb. The four chunks mean you can dose your energy and caffeine level.

Get going and get home!

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