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Why Active Root & Whats New!

Why Active Root & Whats New!

Exciting news! Active Root have released two new flavours as an alternative to our Original Ginger flavour: Green Tea and Ginger and Peppermint and Ginger!

First lets start with the Green Tea Flavour

So why have they chosen Green tea and more importantly, why and when would you use it instead of the original?

The first thing to note is that although the new flavour contains green tea, it is not in such quantities that would provide the caffeine and detoxifying benefits in a green tea drink. Rather, the benefits come in the differing taste that green tea provides.

Sick of being sweet - The first of these being the light and earthy taste of green tea that reduces the sweetness of the original flavour. Its common with a lot of sports drinks that they are incredibly sweet which can be great early on in races or training sessions, but it's amazing how quickly you can get sick of this rich sweetness, particularly if you are taking on sweet gels and bars as well.

Instead, Active Root Green Tea and Ginger flavour provides a more neutral taste and is therefore far more palatable when you need to fuel or hydrate, but are fed up of sweet taste, perfect towards the end of your race!

Same Ginger benefits, less Ginger taste

Active Root also found that not everyone loves the taste of ginger quite as much as they do. So the Green Tea and Ginger flavour masks the gingerness as well as nullifying the 'hot' after notes that you can get with the original flavour. But importantly, still contains the same optimal amounts of ginger to help calm your stomach and prevent bloating.

Stomach settling Green tea is also the perfect stomach settling partner for ginger. As much as AR would like to create all sorts of flavour blends, they are somewhat restricted by the nature, particularly the PH, of many potential ingredients. For example many fruits are very acidic and are therefore likely to upset your stomach instead of calm it. Green tea is pretty much PH neutral and is regularly used as a remedy for stomach discomfort and is therefore a great enhancer of the stomach settling properties of ginger.

Next up Here’s a lowdown on the benefits of peppermint to athletes and how it fits in with the Active Root range. 

Stomach Settling Properties

The most important question AR ask themselves when choosing new Active Root flavours is "does it combine well with ginger to help settle your stomach". Peppermint gives a massive thumbs-up in this regard. Commonly used as a natural remedy for stomach discomfort, it is proven to  alleviate IBS, bloating and general stomach pain.

Other Benefits of Peppermint? Much like Ginger, the use of peppermint can be traced back thousand of years where it was used in Mediterranean for an array of aliments including its pain relief. In ancient Egypt it was so valuable it was used as currency.

Today, peppermint is used as a natural remedy for muscle pain, headaches, allergies and as discussed, indigestion and IBS. Importantly, peppermint also helps clear your respiratory tract, increasing respiratory efficiency and therefore increasing oxygen efficiency.

Taste The questions you've all been waiting for: how does it taste? Well, out of our three flavours, Peppermint is definitely the least gingery. Instead, Peppermint has a cool, refreshing, naturally minty taste that combines well with the warmth of ginger. 

When to use? As with all Active Root flavours, you can use Peppermint & Ginger before, during or after exercise. Because of its beneficial effects upon your respiratory tract and mental focus, we recommend either taking it before or during exercise. That said, it is incredibly refreshing and tastes brilliant after a sweaty session!

How will the flavours be available? OriginalGreen-Tea and Peppermint flavour sachets are available as individual sachets or saving with our quantity breaks discounts.  Alternatively you can try them in our XMiles Trail Pack



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