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Who are OTE? (that’s Oh, Tee, Eee)

We recently launched our latest nutrition brand onto the site, and that is OTE.

We asked OTE to explain who they are, what ranges of nutrition they provide and what they believe in.

Who are OTE?

OTE Sports was established in 2012. It came about because of a desire to do things differently.  There are so many nutrition brands out there whose products are highly functional but maybe don’t taste great, or get a tick for taste but aren’t delivering what athletes needed. We at OTE want to put a tick in both these boxes. Always.

OTE XMiles
What ranges do OTE cover?

Our products are developed with research, care and attention. Our product list isn’t extensive, but what it does is offer something for everyone. We have developed three tiers of ranges so there are products to cater for all abilities. 

  • OTE Anytime Range sits as an introduction to Sports Nutrition. Spearheaded by our 100% natural flapjack style Anytime bars, these are products that are simple to understand and work as part of any exercise routine.
  • OTE Core Range is the backbone of what we do. From energy gels to drinks, bars to recovery shakes; this range can provide exactly what an athlete needs before, during and after exercise.
  • OTE Super Range is for those who want to leave no stone unturned. Innovative products going above and beyond and challenging Sports Nutrition as we know it.

Within these ranges we’ve made sure we have products for all dietary requirements; vegan, gluten free, lactose free; there is something for everyone. We also use natural ingredients, non artificial flavourings and colourings; where possible cleaning up Sports Nutrition. Another important element for us, is looking after an athletes gut! We work hard to produce products that are kind to the body and don’t cause any stomach upsets.

OTE XMiles Nutrition
What are your beliefs?

We believe sports nutrition doesn’t have to be elitist, and that we have a duty to educate people about how best to use products and about nutrition for sporting performance as a whole. We’re a brand with a face, personality and passion. We want to interact with our community. We want to know when someone smashes that PB and our gel was in their hand!   

OTE Nutrition XMiles

We’re just a small team, with bags of passion about sport and our brand. If you’re out there putting in the hard yards, then you better believe we will be too. Join us, be #OTEFuelled.

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