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What should I drink during a 10k run?

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What should I drink during a 10k run?


An energy drink is a beverage that contains physical and/or mental stimulants. Energy drinks will contain a wide variety of stimulants, but the most common is caffeine, sodium and carbohydrates.

When choosing an energy drink, it is important to check the ingredients it contains. Knowing which drink contains what ingredients will help you find the right one to meet your running needs.

Studies have proven that caffeine does not greatly enhance performance for runners. On top of this, caffeine is a diuretic, meaning it removes water from the cells, causing you to become even more dehydrated. This isn’t to say that you will always want to avoid caffeine, as it can be useful in certain scenarios.

Caffeine can give you the extra boost needed to get out running when you don't feel like it. Like most things, it is about finding the correct balance for your needs. 


During a long-distance run, you lose a lot of fluid and sodium though sweating.  During an event like a 10k race, if you were to only drink water, and especially large quantities of it, you would be at risk of developing a condition known as hyponatremia, which is extremely dangerous.

Due to excess water intake and the loss of sodium, excess water enters the brain and causes symptoms ranging from mild such as headaches, dizziness, nausea, to severe and potentially fatal ones such as seizures, coma, cardiac arrest and death.

Energy drinks, especially those containing electrolytes, can help prevent this from happening. These drinks not only help you keep hydrated in the right way, but they also prevent muscle fatigue. Energy drinks replenish your depleted carbohydrate stores when exercising, with carbs being one of the main fuels for your muscles.


Here is a list of some of our recommended energy drinks, we have split this into three sections : Low-calorie hydration (less than 10 g carbohydrate), Standard (upto 50 g carbohydrate) and High-Carb (above 50 g carbohydrate) per serving.

Low-calorie hydration

Ideal for hot whether: Huma Hydration Low-Calorie Drink Mix


Upto 50 g carbohydrate per 500ml. this mix is ideal for pre-loading or during the activity if you are planning on using your energy drink as during race fuel.

    Team Top Pick: Mountain Fuel Xtreme Energy Fuel

    Best Selling: Tailwind Endurance Fuel

      Best Selling Sachet: Maurten Drink Mix 160

        Best  Pack Sizes: Torq Energy Drink

        The Newcomer: Victus 02 During Drink Mix


          The ideal choice for pre-loading before a 10k race, and / or the night before.

          Team Top Pick: Precision Fuel & Hydration PF 60 Drink Mix

            Best Selling High Carb: Maurten Drink Mix 320

            Best Available in Pouch: OTE Super Carbs Performance

            The Newcomer: Fusion Fuel Energy Drink

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