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What is Cramp Assalt?

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Cramp Assalt

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What is Cramp Assalt?

Let's face it: cramps are the WORST.

You're out there training or racing, and suddenly your muscles lock up in a way that makes you stop in your tracks.

But what if I told you there was a way to avoid those cramps? And what if I said it was easy, convenient, and had no side effects?

Well, you wouldn't believe me.

But here's the thing...

We've got something that can help!

It's called 32Gi® Cramp Assalt. It's an ingeniously easy-to-carry and consume solution that offers anti-cramping support with predictability and high reliability.


Cramp Assalt is the first of its kind.

A scientifically-proven, easy on the stomach and easy to carry gel that contains 6 power vitamins and minerals. It works as a neuromuscular trigger (which has been shown to reduce or stop muscle contractions and spasms when they occur).

Cramp Assalt is designed for athletes who want to get the most out of themselves. Whether you're running, biking or swimming—32Gi have you covered.

Cramp Assalt fits anywhere in your backpack, so you can take it with you wherever you go. And if you're worried about carrying something bulky around with you, don't worry: 32Gi's fast one-handed snap pack makes it easy to carry this gel wherever and whenever you need it.

You can rest easy knowing that Cramp Assalt has no artificial sweeteners or colours, nature identical flavours AND is fully compliant with WADA standards.


32Gi® Cramp Assalt can be used before and during exercise. Gel intake will vary depending on an individual's fluid loss due to sweat during exercise.

Recommended Use

1-2 hydration gels per hour (depends on sweat loss levels based on individual and temperature).

* Consume water separately with the gel & test during training.

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